Thursday, 18 December 2014

Grey Ruffles & Frills in the Restaurant Garden

You remember that in the last outfit post I talked about taking pictures in the restaurant garden? Well here they are. Yes, I know, it's a grey look again. I can't help it, it is my go to color this season. And I freely admit that I have a very restricted palette for fall/winter. For me it is mostly about blues, greys, black, some winter white and then I color bomb with the shoes or an accessory or two. Maybe you could consider it the lazy way out, but I know I do well with these colors

For reference, the grey skinnies are still the same as in this post. The ruffles shirt was a birthday present from my mother maybe three years ago. Now, the cardigan is new, I've got it to replace a purple one that ripped at the seams and additionally I didn't like the color anymore. The bag and the boots you've seen here and here respectively.

And now, let me know what you think!

Vi ricordate che nel ultimo outfit post ho parlato di fare delle foto nel giardino del ristorante? Eccole qui. Si, lo so, sto indossando un look grigio ancora una volta. Non posso farci niente, il grigio è il mio colore preferito questa stagione. E poi ammetto liberamente che ho una scelta di colori molto limitato per l'autunno e l'inverno. Per me sono i blu, i grigi, nero e un po di bianco e poi aggiungo delle bombe di colore in forma di accessori e scarpe. Forse si potrebbe dire che prendo la via d'uscita facile, ma so che questi colori mi stanno bene.

Per referenza, i jeans skinny in grigio sono ancora gli stessi che in questo post. La camicia con le rouches me l'ha regalata mia mamma per il mio compleanno ca. tre anni fa. Il cardigan è nuovo, l'ho preso per sostituire quello vecchio in viola che ha dei buchi e poi non mi piace più il colore. La borsa e i stivali li avete visto qui e qui rispettivamente.

E adesso fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate!

Ihr erinnert Euch, dass ich im letzten Outfit Post davon gesprochen habe, dass wir im Garten des Restaurants Bilder aufgenommen haben? Hier sind sie nun. Ja ich weiss, ich bin schon wieder grau angezogen. Ich kann mir nicht helfen, Grau ist meine bevorzugte Farbe diese Saison. Und ich gebe auch ganz freimuetig zu, dass ich eine eher begrenzte Farbpalette waehrend der Herbst und Wintermonate benutze. Ich arbeite vor allem mit Blau- und Grautoenen, Schwarz, etwas Winterweiss und dann wird mit Accessoires & Schuhen gefarbbombt. Man koennte eventuell sagen, dass ich den einfachen Weg gehe, aber ich weiss halt, dass mir diese Farben stehen.

Also die grauen Skinny Jeans sind immer noch dieselben wie in diesem Post. Das Hemd mit Rueschen war ein Geburtstagsgeschenk meiner Mama, ist ungefaehr 3 Jahre alt. Die Strickjacke ist neu, die habe ich als Ersatz fuer meine lilafarbene gekauft, die zum einen ein paar Loecher aufwies und zum anderen gefaellt mir die Farbe nicht mehr. Die Tasche und die Schuhe kennt Ihr jeweils von hier und hier.

Und jetzt sagt mir, was Ihr davon haltet!

By the way, the lunch at the restaurant was a scouting mission, since my brother-in-law is considering it as a wedding location.
Tra altro, il pranzo al ristorante in questo caso è stata una missione di sondaggio perché il mio cognato lo sta considerando come luogo per il suo matrimonio.
Uebrigens war dieser Restaurantbesuch in Wirklichkeit eine Aufklaerungsmission, da mein Schwager es fuer seine Hochzeit in Erwaegung zieht.

Outfit Sources

Grey Shirt with Ruffles / Camicia con / Hemd mit Rueschen - TK Maxx
Grey Skinny Jeans - Mango
Grey Cardigan - Mango
Over-the-knee Boots /Stivali / Overknee Stiefel - Bagatt
Bag / Borsa / Tasche - Asos

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Monday, 15 December 2014

5 Questions to ask yourself while Shopping - The Closet Conundrum I

La versione del post in italiano trovate qui

I am a fashion blogger of sorts, right? As that, there is this  popular belief, that I must have an overflowing closet, a stuffed wardrobe and always new stuff to wear and show off, least I become boring. Back in May I touched on that last point during an interview I did with myself.

Now here's the thing: I don't want to. I don't want to have an overflowing closet, because I, on an instinctive level, really get the Fight Club quote "The Things you own end up owning you".

Make no mistake, I love shopping. I love browsing stores, virtual or real brick & mortar ones. I love finding new and beautiful things. I have greatly enjoyed creating the recent collages and looks and I hope you liked at least some of them. I can spend hours in the city going from store to store and looking at the offers.

But ... I am also on a budget. And I find the idea of having a smaller but well curated closet more appealing than a big one cramped full with a lot, mostly unloved, things. And besides being on a budget, I also do not have the physical space to store endless amounts of clothing, shoes and accessories. Which means that buying lots of cheap, fast fashion for me isn't an option. It really isn't.

Plus there's the whole question of waste, superfluousness, what is enough. Do I really want to contribute to the always faster moving spiral?

I often think 123,456 times before buying something new, asking myself the following questions:

P.S. It's a beanie

1) Do you really need it?

Does it fill a gap? Do you currently not own something like it? For me, that would be for example a (faux) leather biker jacket. There you have it. The great fashionista doesn't have a (faux) leather biker jacket. In this case, obviously I do not need it all that much either, because I haven't run off yet to get one.

2) Does it go well with clothing already owned?

Whilst I admittedly do not always remember exactly down to the last button what is in my wardrobe, thanks to the fact that it is on the small side I have a good overview of what I own and can throw together outfits mentally incorporating the maybe-to-be-aquired piece. I like my things to be versatile, I like being able to combine them with many other things. Of course, having lots of neutral pieces makes that one fairly easy, almost anything fits. Sigh.

3) Does it fit you well? Really, really well?

Or alternatively, is it possible to easily alter it in order for it to fit really well? If it doesn't fit, leave it be. If you already have to pull and tuck, chances are you aren't actually going to wear it, simply because you do not feel comfortable in it. Trust me and the pencil skirts I bought but never wore.

4) Is it your style?

This in part touches question number 2 because if it isn't your usual style, it might not actually fit with anything you currently own, but if you are like me and have a lot of neutral items, not only in color but also in terms of cut, it might well do. However! If it isn't your usual style (or color) you might like it on you in that moment, in front of the changing room mirror in the changing room light, but there's quite the possibility you aren't going to wear it for any other occassion than precisely that one.

5) Is it worth ignoring all of the above?

When you see it, you know it. It doesn't matter that it isn't your usual style, or that it goes with very little in your closet, or that you do not actually need it. We all have those pieces. I certainly do. Like the yellow lace ups. That said, I would still advice to only take what really fits you.

As a rule of thumb, if I feel only okay-ish about an item, if I am not 100% sure in that moment about whether to spend or not for it, I leave it for 24h. When it's still on the forefront of my mind, I'll get it, if not... there will always be new things and I've honestly never truly regretted not having bought a piece of clothing.

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Cats, Cats and some Felines - 16 Gifts for Purr Lovers

Since I keep stumbling over all these things that would make perfect gifts for cat lovers, I figured ah what the heck, I am going to make a proper gift guide out of it. So here you go. 16 purrfect gifts for those in your life that love the felines.

And once again, I'd be happy to receive any of these ... who am I making these for again?

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

The Return of Black - A Thrifty Party Outfit

Today I am showing you the kind of look I usually wear for Christmas Dinners and the likes. It is a simple formula that works well time and time again - black pants, dressy top, fitted jacket. You could easily replace the pants with a fitted, monochrome skirt if that's more your thing.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

15 Awesome Christmas Gifts for the Nerdy / Geeky Girl under 100$

15 Gift Ideas. And I would love to have every single one of them.

Infact, putting this little guide together I got lost in a wormhole made up of possibilities and I could have easily made a list of 50, pfff 100, things I would enjoy getting from the two sites I used.

Truth is, the list really is for me... And is there anyone in this world who wouldn't want to read Vader's Little Princess?

Let others know