Saturday, 18 February 2017

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

What Happened to the No Shopping List & Style Changes

So, if you follow me on Instagram, you cannot help but have noticed that my style has changed quite a bit in the last year. And I'm obviously not talking only the hair color here. For which, by the way I'm still unsure what to do. Keep them blond or go back to red? Right now I don't even know if I want them short anymore. They are a mess.

Anyway, my style changed. Take it as a reflection of inner changes that started some time ago, got a big boost in Summer 2015 and then slowly became an integral part of my life. With some labour pain. Transitions can be awkward and uncomfortable if they mean leaving an old lifestyle behind that you've grown used to. That feels comfortable because you know it so well. That is ... safe. Sort of. Only that it isn't because it keeps you in a rut. And 2016 has been one long slow transformation and rebirth process for me. Honestly, 2017 couldn't have happened too soon.

But I digress again. My style changed and obviously not everything from my old wardrobe was of interest anymore. The purging that accompanied my Capsule Wardrobe Experiment helped because I pretty much only kept those things that fit my current style vision of myself and what I wanted to communicate to the world about my inner workings.

In retrospective, maybe that unhappiness with my then current style catalysed the wish to try a capsule wardrobe. If you ever think about doing a somewhat radical style change, I'd recommend doing a round or two of capsule. It did teach me a lot.

So what happened to the "only some restricted shopping allowed" in wake of a style overhaul?

Well, I failed. And I didn't.

The good news first. Most of the items on my "No Shopping" list have indeed not been bought. Up till today I didn't buy any tank tops, bags, shoes. Actually, by now I've gone a full year without buying new shoes. I have one "new" cross body bag, which I got from a swap with my sister. And I got rid of 3 bags from my stash that where either broken or outgrown. So far I haven't replaced the two bigger bags as nothing really called to me.

And I did not buy the following from the "Limited Shopping Allowed" list: platform sandals (and I think I'm gonna pass entirely). The perfect for me black skirt. I'm still searching for that one. Otherwise fancy tops. No fancy tops.

Now the "bad" news. Other than a pair of high waisted black pants, which I found thrifting, I did buy 3 pairs of harem pants. I bought one graphic print sweatshirt because it was way colder during one week in Germany than anticipated. I bought several pieces of silver jewelry but I solemnly swear they are all meaningful to me and I plan to wear them for a long time. In fact, I've basically been wearing the same pieces over and over. So there's a big box of custom jewelry going towards the "winter sister swap". A new maxi dress that was just too enchanting to pass up. I also got a new long cardigan, a pullover. With all of that, I'm afraid I'm already slightly (*cough*) past my 8 pieces. Sigh.

Oh well. The good thing is, with the set goal of what I need and what I don't, I was able to be much more intentional with my shopping. And way less impulsive. A lot more went out then in. 

I will make another list for 2017 and try my best to stick with it this time, because I found it beneficial in a lot of ways. For example the above mentioned curb of impulse shopping. The emerging ability to spend my money consciously on things that are in support of my values instead of just filling up the trunk with cheap trends. Actually saving money to spend on experiences.

So how was your year 2016 fashion wise?

Monday, 12 September 2016

Untold Stories - Summer 2016 Edition

Yes, basically I've only been to Medieval Fairs, flea markets, the forest and at the Saline in Bad Duerkheim. The latter because of a pretty hefty flare up of asthma, which lasted for well over a week.

Still trying to figure out what exactly is causing all these annoying minor health problems this year, have had some extensive blood work done upon returning and will consult with my physician/doctor at the 19th. Pretty sure it's easily fixable tho.

Anyway, here are some pictures from this years summer holidays.

Medieval Fair at Freisen

Medieval Fair at Freisen

Me in full medieval garb

Medieval encampment at the fair in Freisen

Saline at Bad Duerkheim

Bad Duerkheim

A mini model of the Saline. Basically, they let salt water trip over the stacked up twigs to create a sea side air effect.

Bad Duerkheim

Bad Duerkheim

Tournament Show at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Horse butt at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Tournament Show at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal.
The guy with the red & black horse was obviously the "bad knight"

Medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Viking Caroussel at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Tournament Show at the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Me in my other medieval garb.
See what I'm thinking about owning two dresses in medieval times here on my Instagram

The little palace at the park that hoses the medieval fair at Angelbachtal

Lavender at the Saline Bad Duerkheim

As I'm still slowing working my way towards the launch of my new project/the remodelling of my online presence, the real action is currently on my Instagram account. So come over, say hello and definitely "let's connect!"

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Breaking the Silence with Stripes

Blue and black striped dress on a red head

I haven't blogged, or been active on social media, in a considerable amount of time. Life (and the capsule wardrobe ... or well okay maybe just life) kicked my behind and I hit the emergency stop button.

Already in January I had been exhausted and started to notice a severe lack of motivation. For about anything to be honest, but blogging in particular. I have my own theories as to why. As far as blogging goes, one of them is all the hours I had put in during November and December. Another is that my view on fashion changed considerably after reading Overdressed, Wear no Evil and To Die For.

Then in February, around my birthday, I was hit by a fever cold that even asked for a second round after I thought it over already. In total I was out for over two weeks, but the effects could be felt for some time still. Shortly afterwards, I developed an eczema on the hands. Now I'm used to having occasional outbreaks from food allergies/sensitivities, but this time around, it just didn't pass, no matter what I tried. In fact, it still isn't entirely gone, just a lot better. Eventually it even spread onto the forearms. Needless to say that did not help with wanting to blog.

On top of that came a host of other symptoms (including absurdly low energy levels) and because of all this I've been, and currently still am, overhauling just about everything in my life. I firmly believe that stuff like this happens so we pause and reconsider where we are on our path. Is it even still the right one? And yes this obviously includes the blog. I won't stop, pinky promise, but things will change. Slowly slowly I've started working on a new concept that will fit better with me, my values and what I'm trying to achieve. It'll be ready when it will be ready.

Meanwhile, I've started posting on Instagram again and hey, one of the casualties of my search for a cause of my eczema was my hair color. Back to my natural blonde (for now, we'll see). Come over and say hello!

Anyway, here are some pictures from the outfits of the last capsule wardrobe project I did.

Cardigan, studded bag, black skinnies, wedges

Oversized top, PU applications, studded black bag

midi skirt and black sweater

Striped dress, yellow converse, yellow necklace, heart shaped sunglasses

Hope you enjoyed them, even if it is not summerly fashion. Some kind of last hoorray for the red hair (for now, never say no). And yeah don't forget to head over on Instagram to see some more recent shenanigans & stay on the new funky bohemian current.

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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Spring Mood With Fancy Leo Legs

I finally got around to wearing the tunic top I got from New Chic together with the bag you know from this post. It was still necessary to wear a tank top below, which I think takes away a bit from the criss cross cut out on the back. The back part is why I chose the tunic in the first place. Looking forward to style it just with a bralette. Talking of which, I'm declaring this to be the year of the bralette for me.

The top was true to size, I've ordered an S, which is my normal top size and it fits. As it is intended to be oversized you could eventually size down if you like a more narrow fit. 

These biker booties have been with me for 3 years now. Still loving them like on the first day. They work all year round, including for festivals, if you are so inclined. This summer, I want to combine them with emrboidered dresses. Here's a pretty good budget version. And these leopard leggings always make me feel very Funky Jungle when wearing them.

Ich konnte am Wochenende endlich das Tunika Oberteil, welches ich zusammen mit dieser Tasche von New Chic bekommen habe, anziehen. Es war trotzdem noch notwendig ein Traegerhemd darunter zu tragen, was meiner Meinung nach das Rueckenteil nicht so richtig zur Geltung bringt. Freue mich schon es nur mit einer Bralette anzuziehen. Uebrigens erklere ich hiermit 2016 zum Jahr der Bralette.

Das Oberteil stimmt groessentechnisch. Was ich damit meine ist, ich habe ein S bestellt, und ein S bekommen, was ja nicht immer selbstverstaendlich ist. Das Teil ist gewollt "oversize", wenn Ihr also lieber eine engere Passform habt, kann man auch gerne eine Groesse runtergehen.

Die Biker Boots habe ich jetzt schon 3 Jahre und liebe die immer noch wie am ersten Tag. Die machen alles mit, das ganze Jahr ueber, auch Festivals, falls Euch so etwas interessiert. Diesen Sommer moechte ich sie mit besticktern Kleidchen kombinieren. Und mit den Leo Leggings fuehle ich mich immer ganz besonders Funky Jungle.

Outfit Sources

Leopard Leggings - Calzedonia (old) --- funky but priceyfunky budget option
Tunic Top - New Chic --- exactly this
Cardigan - Mango (old) --- similar Yo - Or this
Biker Booties - Bagatt (old) --- fancy silver heel - close call - say budget?
Bag / Tasche - Urban Outfitters (old) --- similar - fancy bucket option - similar
Sunglasses / Sonnenbrille - Mango Outlet --- similar deal & pretty close steal

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