Monday, 6 July 2015

Back in Town - Denim Dress & Crop Top

I'm back from my little annual karate get-a-way since yesterday late afternoon. And I've been greeted by a wall of heat down here in the Pianura. Not motivational for leaving vacation mode just yet.

Here I'm wearing a denim shirt dress that I thrifted last summer. Love that you can easily leave all the buttons open and just wear a crop top or bustier below.

Outfit Sources

Denim Dress / Vestito Denim / Jeans Kleid - thrifted
Bustier - Zara (old)
Slip-ons - H&M (old) similar, very similar

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Just Hanging Out - Black Maxi Dress & Wu-Tang Tee

Usually I/we do outfit shoots on the weekends. During the week both me and my husband are plenty busy with one thing or the other, so adding this isn't necessary when you have Saturday and Sunday, unless something comes up. Which means sometimes outfits are actually a little bit older.

When I wore this look it was not near as hot as it is now, no way I'd wear the shirt on top of the dress today. Plus it was also a day when there was nothing special planned, so this is a kind of outfit I'll wear for hanging out. In the house, with my son in the park, running simple errands. Although, considering it, I could have worn this going to a party ... many years ago.

Black Maxi Dress worn as skirt, black tee with gold Wu-Tang print, yellow Converse High Tops | Just Hanging Out - Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog

That black maxi dress is one of my wardrobe staples, and I think having a simple black maxi in your closet will serve you well, as it is a very versatile piece. Here I've styled mine very casually, but the same dress becomes an evening piece if I take off the tee and add some fancy accessories.

And Converse are never wrong for that kind of look.

Di solito io/noi facciamo le foto per i miei outfit nel weekend. Durante la settimana sia io che mio marito abbiamo il calendario piuttosto pieno, non è necessario aggiungere altre cose da fare, se non è proprio necessario.

Quando ho indossato questo look non faceva ancora così caldo. Adesso di sicuro non metterei una maglietta sopra il vestito. In più non era una giornata dove avevamo dei piani speciali, quindi questo è un outfit per stare in casa o andare al parco col bambino, fare qualche commissione, ecc.

Questo vestito lungo nero è uno dei pezzi più "must" nel mio guardaroba e penso proprio che avere un abito maxi semplice in nero sia molto utile, perché è un pezzo di grande versatilità. Qui il mio lo indosso in modo molto casuale, ma può facilmente diventare un look da sera se toglio la maglietta e cambio scarpe e gioielli.

Normalerweise machen  wir die Fotos fuer meine Outfits am Wochenende. Unter der Woche haben sowohl ich auch als meine Mann den Kalender schon gut gefuellt, da muss man nicht unbedingt auch noch das mit reinnehmen, ausser es erweisst sich aus dem einen oder anderen Grund als notwendig. Da passiert es dann, dass das eine oder andere Outfit eben schon etwas aelter ist.

Als ich diesen Look anhatte, war es noch nicht so heiss wie zur Zeit. Heute wuerde ich auf keinen Fall noch das T-shirt ueber das Kleid ziehen. Ausserdem hatten wir an dem Tag auch nichts besonderen vor, das hier ist ein Outfit was man bzw ich anziehe um einfach nur "abzuhaengen", zu Hause, im Park mit dem Sohn, einfache Erledigungen erledigen.

Dieses schwarze Maxi Kleid ist ein richtiger Eckpfeiler in meiner Garderobe und ich denke mit einem *einfachen schwarzen Maxi* kann man nix falsch machen, da ist einem gut gedient mit, das ist einfach ein vielseitig einsetzbares Stueck. Hier eben sehr casual und bequem aber das Kleid wird auch ganz schnell ein Look fuer den Abend, mit anderen Schuhen und Schmuck.

Sitting on the floor chillin with my maxi dress and band shirt

Wu-Tang gold print band tee, yellow all stars, black maxi dress | Funky Jungle, fashion and style blog

Hanging out. Wearing a simple maxi dress, yellow converse all stars with flap turned over, Wu-Tang band shirt | Funky Jungle - From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Casual fashion

Previously seen on Funky Jungle:

Yellow All Stars - Black Maxi Dress

Outfit Sources:

Black Maxi Dress / Abito Maxi / Maxi Kleid - Mango (old) - very similar | fancy overlay version
Converse All Stars - Anywhere - but just how cool are these Eiffel Tower & Sunflower ones?
T-Shirt Wu-Tang - H&M
Earrings - Stella Z
Rings - Misc.

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Monday, 29 June 2015

Fashion Find - Rebecca Minkoff Active Wear

In my recent post about my not anymore brown belt, you've seen a picture of me in the traditional karate gi that we wear during our practice. Yes, even in summer. Even when it's 35+ °C outside and you sweat just watching others move.

So, whilst I have to wear the "traditional" white gi when practicing Karate, I do love to wear fancy sporty outfits - or more sophisticated, active wear - for going to and from the gym where we train. Especially in summer. It just adds to the feel of doing some physical activity, if you know what I'm saying. Besides nothing beats active wear in being comfortable. Am I right? Well maybe some pajamas do...

Since very recently, Rebecca Minkoff added an active wear collection to their range. Kept in black, white and silver, they basically had me at the space gilet. I also really like the white tank and the white quilted slip on sneakers. It's a collection with a minimal and futuristic vibe, and anyone who knows me knows that this is right on my wave length. I define my own personal style, for the most part, as "sophisticated tomboy meets quirky space lady".

You can find the Rebecca Minkoff Activewear collection at Shopbop.

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Sunday, 28 June 2015

Big Blue Flower - Flowy White Dress

I've decided to show you my not so tan legs again. Hah! Told you I like to wear dresses in summer. 
When I saw this dress on the SheIn website, I immediately loved the asymmetric (or high-low), wide, flowy but still timeless cut as well as the almost singular big flower. There is a whole science behind what kind of print is the best for your body type, but I couldn't or wouldn't remember at the decisive moment, the large (almost) single flower in blue spoke to the part of me that adores minimalistic aesthetics.

Flowy, asymmetric white dress with big blue flower, red half moon clutch, black platform sandals || Big Blue Flower - Flowy White Dress | Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog

Besides these reasons I picked it out for, what I really love about it, was that the moment I put it on, I didn't want to take it off anymore. It's very light and just swooshes and dances around you with every step. Wonderful.

And of course, it's also easy summer dressing at its best. I think it'll work well with my blue ballet flats and a jean jacket as well, what do you think?

Ho deciso di farvi vedere ancora una volta le mie gambe abbronzatissime. Hah! Vi ho detto che adoro indossare gli abiti in estate. Quando ho visto questo vestito sul sito di SheIn, sono stata catturata subito dal taglio asimmetrico, ampio ma sempre sulla linea classica e il quasi singolo fiore blu. C'è quasi una scienza dietro quale stampa o fantasia vada bene per ciascun tipo di corporatura, ma al momento della decisione, non me la ricordavo (o non volevo), perché il fiore grande è piaciuto al quella parte di me che adora l'estetica minimalistica.

A parte queste ragioni, ciò che amo di questo abito è che quando l'ho messo per provarlo, non volevo più toglierlo. È leggero e balla intorno al corpo con ogni passo. Fantastico.

Inoltre è anche l'esempio lampante del"vestirsi facilmente in estate". Credo che starà bene anche indossato con le mie ballerine blu e/o un giubbino di jeans, che ne dite?

Ich habe entschieden, Euch wieder einmal meine supergebraeunten Beine zu zeigen. Hah! Ich hatte ja gesagt, das ich im Sommer liebend gerne Kleider anziehe. Als ich dieses Kleid hier auf der SheIn website sah, gefiel mir sofort der asymmetrische (vokuhila), weite und schwingende Schnitt und die (fast) einzige grosse Blume. Da gibt es so etwas wie eine eigene Wissenschaft, welche Art Muster den fuer welchen Koerpertyp am besten geeignet ist, aber im entscheidenden Moment konnte oder wollte ich mich nicht erinnern, die grosse fast einsame blaue Blume hat dem Teil von mir gefallen, der auf minimalistische Aesthetik steht.

Ausser diesen Gruenden liebe ich an diesem Kleid, das als ich es anzog, ich es nicht mehr ausziehen wollte. Es ist aus sehr leichtem Material und schwingt und tanzt bei jedem Schritt um den Koerper. Herrlich.

Und ja, es ist einfaches Anziehen im Sommer in Bestform. Ich glaube, das es auch gut mit meinen blauen Ballerinas und/oder einer Jeansjacke aussehen wird. Was denkt Ihr?

Leaning against the wall

Crane pose | Flowy, asymmetric white dress with big blue flower, red half moon clutch, black platform sandals || Big Blue Flower - Flowy White Dress | Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog

Fixing my red pixie cut

Looking over my shoulder | Flowy, asymmetric white dress with big blue flower, red half moon clutch, black platform sandals || Big Blue Flower - Flowy White Dress | Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog

Black & White close up

Outfit Sources:

Floral High Low Dress / Abito / Kleid mit Blumendruck - c/o SheIn (exact)
Shoes / Scarpe / Schuhe - Bagatt (old) -- very similar ones / very fancy splurge option
Clutch / Pochette - Boohoo
Silver Hoops / Orecchini a cerchio / Creolen - Gift -- beautiful option on sale
Bracelets / Bracciali / Armbaender - Old Stuff -- gorgeous option / arm party option / cute

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Saturday, 27 June 2015

Karate - Brown Belt No More

So you might have noticed that I was semi absent even after my parents went back to Germany. The reason being, I was preparing for taking my Black Belt, or rather 1. Dan exame, which was held last Saturday. Now my own take on setting goals is that I rather just do it (yeah yeah) than talk about it a lot before hand. That's why there was no "omg guys I am going to test for black belt, wish me luck" posts all over the internet. A lot of people around me actually didn't even know. My best female friend didn't know. So don't feel bad.

I guess in part I prefer to do it this way because for me it worked out better to not seed expectations. And even if those I tell wouldn't have any expectations, I would imagine they have, adding to the pressure to perform, which for me is quite an emotional strain. So I'd rather just work quietly on my projects and invite to the party afterwards. Statistically, I managed to complete a lot more goals done this way than those I announced to half the world (or even just my husband) beforehand. Weird?

It was very different from what I expected. In the past, I had made up castle in the sky stories of how I imagined things to go, but it was like every single one of those expectations was blown out of the window and I was presented instead with a list of "How much do you really want it?" - Apparently, I wanted it enough. I passed. 5 years of constant training and never giving up paid off.

Getting my black belt, making it to shodan, isn't an end, just one milestone along the karate way. It's an important one, sure, but you aren't done. It's hard for me to really mold into words how important practicing karate is for me, or how much it has changed and formed me. I will say so that without karate, there would be no Funky Jungle.

Forse avrete notato che non ero molto presente dopo che i miei genitori sono tornati in Germania. Il motivo principale era che mi stavo preparando per prendere la cintura nera o per meglio dire, per l'esame del primo Dan, che si è tenuto lo scorso sabato. Il mio approccio nel porsi delle mete da raggiungere è che io preferisco fare le cose (già già) piuttosto che parlarne a lungo prima. Per questo non c'erano post sparsi per tutto internet intitolati "oh cielo, sto provando a prendere la cintura nera, auguratemi buona fortuna". Infatti molta gente vicina a me non lo sapeva. La mia migliore amica non lo sapeva. Per cui non prendetevela.

Immagino di preferire le cose fatte in questo modo, che per me funzionano meglio rispetto al seminare aspettative a destra e a manca e anche se quelli a cui lo dico non ne avrebbero, io penserei il contrario, aggiungendo un'ulteriore pressione psicologica al momento dell'esame, che per quanto mi riguarda è già molto intenso emozionalmente parlando. Statisticamente ho raggiunto più risultati in questo modo che non quando ho rivelato i miei piani in anticipo a mezzo mondo (o anche solo a mio marito). Strano?

È stato molto diverso da come me lo aspettavo. In passato ho fantasticato su come sarebbero andate le cose, ma ognuna di queste fantasie è stata spazzata via e mi sono trovata a rispondere al quesito: "ma quanto lo vuoi veramente?" Apparentemente l'ho desiderato abbastanza. Ho trascorso 5 anni allenandomi costantemente e non aver mai mollato alla fine ha pagato.

Ottenere la mia cintura nera, raggiungere lo shodan, non è un punto di arrivo, è solamente una pietra miliare nella strada del karate. È importante, certo, ma non è l'arrivo. È difficile per me spiegare quanto il karate sia importante nella mia vita, quanto mi abbia cambiato e formato. Potrei dire che se non ci fosse stato il karate, non ci sarebbe Funky Jungle.

Euch ist vielleicht aufgefallen, dass ich nicht so 100% da war, selbst nachdem meine Eltern schon wieder nach Hause gefahren waren. Der Grund dafuer war, dass ich mich auf meine schwarze Guertel- oder 1. Dan Pruefung vorbereitet habe, die am letzten Samstag stattfand. Meine persoenliche Einstellung in Bezug auf Zielsetzungen ist, dass ich es lieber einfach tue als es vorher grossartig anzukuendigen. Deswegen gab es auch keine grossartigen "Oh Himmel, Maedels / Leuts, ich habe Schwarzguertelpruefung, drueckt mir die Daumen!!!" auf allen Kanaelen. Es wussten auch nicht besonders viele Leute hier um mich. Meine beste Freundin wusste es nicht. Deswegen nicht traurig sein.

Ich glaube, zum Teil tue ich dass, weil es sich fuer mich als besser herausgestellt hat nicht zu viele Erwartungen zu erwecken (habe auch schon genug mit denen an mich selbst). Weil auch wenn die, denen ich es erzaehle, gar keine Erwartungen (oder uberhaupt Interesse haha) haetten, wuerde ich mir einbilden, dass es so waere und das macht mir unnoetig Druck. Also arbeite ich lieber einfach heimlich an meinen Projekten und lade hinterher zur Party. Statistisch gesehen habe ich auf die Art mehr Ziele erreicht als anders herum, wenn ich es gross ankuendige. Ja, das geht gegen die populaere Methode.

Die Pruefung selbst war ganz anders als ich es mir vorgestellt hatte. Habe mir in den Jahren auf dem Weg dorthin (praktiziere Karate seit 5 Jahren) immer ausgemalt wie es den wohl ablaeuft, habe Luftschloesser gebaut, und dann war es, als ob jedes Detail davon ueber den Haufen geworfen worden ist. War stattdessen eine Art "Schauen wir mal wie sehr sie es wirklich will" - Naja, sieht so aus als wollte ich es feste genug. Ich habe bestanden. Und die Jahre stetigen, konstanten Trainings haben sich ausgezahlt.

Meinen schwarzen Guertel zu bekommen, ein Shodan zu werden, ist nicht das Ende des Karate Weges, sondern nur so der erste richtig groessere Meilenstein. Ein wichtiger Schritt, aber danach geht es weiter. Es ist schwer fuer mich wirklich in Worte zu fassen wie wichtig Karate fuer mich ist, wie sehr es mich gepraegt und veraendert hat, aber eines kann ich sagen. Ohne Karate gaebe es Funky Jungle wohl nicht.

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