Wednesday, 25 December 2013

A Tree and a Train

And here it is, as promised, our Christmas tree. Most of the presents were for the three little ones.

Of course ... I ate way too much over the course of the day, but that's holiday season for you.

This is the Christmas decoration in one of the local malls where we went yesterday to get a couple of things last minute as here the shops are closed for two entire days over Christmas. My son loved it, but even more he loved going up and down the plexiglass elevator, hehehe.

Good Night, hope you all had a wonderful day.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays

Wishing a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Holidays to everyone. Peace and Love to you and your loved ones.

I'll add a picture of the Christmas tree at my parents house tomorrow, there's still something missing ... we used to have the celebration on Christmas Eve as mostly tradition in our country, but this year we accommodate for the family being spread out and tied up with enlarged family (as in various in-laws), so we celebrate on the 25th.

Sunday, 22 December 2013


No Friday post this week, sorry, as I was on the road, traveling abroad to visit my family over the holiday season.

I usually have a hard time doing my luggage for this occasion, as I never quite know in advance how it will go. Event wise. How many times will I visit the city? Will we go to the restaurant? Will I meet up with friends? During the day or in the evening? A lot of these are decided rather spontaneously so I have to pack "flexible". But the most important question is ... what will I be in the mood to wear?

This time I around however, I had it easy. I - decadently - ordered some items to be delivered to my parents home. To my defense I must say that most of the tops/shirts are basics. They are replacing the ones I had to let go after they had been with me for several years, but had become unwearable even at home (I have such a hard time with this).

Admittedly, there also was something extra. Yes. Of course.

I had a discount code and got myself this pullover/jumper:

I love owls. Now I just "need" one with an elephant.

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Friday's Fashion Find - Brooches

I do love to cruise through the Etsy site, so many incredible, unique, quirky finds there.

Today, I browsed the category for brooches. I wear scarves a lot and I also use them frequently to customize/embellish my handbags

Saturday, 7 December 2013

Friday's Fashion Find - French Connection SS14

The collection for SS14 by French Connection has many - in my opinion - lovely pieces that I would add to my wardrobe in a heartbeat, judging by the pictures. Here are just a couple:

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Friday's Fashion Find

This week, I fell in love with this waterfall cape from Mango. I have been looking around for some winter outerwear and it would go well with about everything I have in my wardrobe. My only concern is whether it would be warm enough for me when temperatures drop below zero here.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

New Colors

As anyone who is following me on Twitter knows, I am a big fan of colored toe nails. I practice martial arts, so I am barefoot among others 3-4 times a week and since I cannot wear jewelry in class, coloring my toenails is like accessorizing myself. Palette wise, I prefer the range of green and blue.

Today before grocery shopping at a local mall, I went into the Kiko Cosmetics store to see what they had on sale this week (they are rotating markdowns for their standard product line here, so just wait a couple of weeks and you can probably get what you want for 50% off) and maybe new arrivals.

In this period, it was the turn of lip gloss (I don't use anything on my lips) and their quick dry nail polish. My usual approach is to put one color on each fingernail, so leaving there I am sure catching eyes with my hands.

I think I stayed fairly modest and only left with two new shades of the quick dry polish, a shiny cobalt blue and a dark brownish-red, but that's because I have become good at telling myself "No, you don't need that." "Please, finish using X first" "That's really not a good color for you". Ehm, in regard to the latter ... I am still eying the fingernail that is sporting the sparkly pink shade ... I am not really a pink kind of girl (I keep telling me) but it is strangely fascinating me.

What do you think about sparkly neon pink toe nails? Like, Barbie color if you know what I mean. Too tacky or fashionably daring?

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