New Colors

As anyone who is following me on Twitter knows, I am a big fan of colored toe nails. I practice martial arts, so I am barefoot among others 3-4 times a week and since I cannot wear jewelry in class, coloring my toenails is like accessorizing myself. Palette wise, I prefer the range of green and blue.

Today before grocery shopping at a local mall, I went into the Kiko Cosmetics store to see what they had on sale this week (they are rotating markdowns for their standard product line here, so just wait a couple of weeks and you can probably get what you want for 50% off) and maybe new arrivals.

In this period, it was the turn of lip gloss (I don't use anything on my lips) and their quick dry nail polish. My usual approach is to put one color on each fingernail, so leaving there I am sure catching eyes with my hands.

I think I stayed fairly modest and only left with two new shades of the quick dry polish, a shiny cobalt blue and a dark brownish-red, but that's because I have become good at telling myself "No, you don't need that." "Please, finish using X first" "That's really not a good color for you". Ehm, in regard to the latter ... I am still eying the fingernail that is sporting the sparkly pink shade ... I am not really a pink kind of girl (I keep telling me) but it is strangely fascinating me.

What do you think about sparkly neon pink toe nails? Like, Barbie color if you know what I mean. Too tacky or fashionably daring?