Beauty Snippet

Alright, let's talk "Beauty".

I've never been blessed with perfect skin, that elusive porcellaine teint. Throughout the years (I had plenty of time since puberty) I've gone through a lot of product testing trying to get rid of the problem of big pores which just seemed to get bigger instead of better.

Most of you probably know the drill. We all have different skins with different needs. Some products work, some do the opposite of what they are supposed to do, and then, just as you managed to find one that seems like your soul-mate, BAM, it is being discontinued.

In summer I've got myself "Pore Refining Moisturising Fluid" ("Hautbildverfeinerndes Fluid", "Fluido levigante", "Fluide Lissant") by Lavera. I've been using it daily since and well. It works for me. And just to be sure I wasn't kidding myself I asked for an external opinion. Yes, my skin has gotten better since summer.

I use it in the morning after cleaning my face (with the Invigorating Cleansing Gel by Lavera ) and after my biweekly scrub procedure. It has a light texture and absorbs quickly, the smell is okay and it keeps my skin hydrated. It has to be seen how it goes when temperatures drop below zero, but I've been convinced enough to restock it, at worst I switch to another day cream in case.

One negative for the packaging, I don't much like a bottle with pumping mechanism as there tend to be too much leftover in the bottle.



Thank you for sharing your throughts!