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I've been going through my closet these last couple of days, doing some solid cleaning/purging. My goal is to arrive at a point where I only have clothing that I actually wear regularly, and/or really love, and none of it is frump or cringe worthy. It is a bit of a process for me, as I am still discovering myself and my style is not finite yet. Or will it ever be? I think it is a rather nice thought to stay in constant evolution, be it for personal style or yourself. Being a finished product sounds so boring. Dead. No more growth and change.

The last three years have been a big evolution for me in regards to personality and in consequence also style wise. I am becoming more sure of who I am. And I like the direction in which I am heading. Additionally, since about a year I am trying to get down with becoming more minimalistic in all areas of my life.

The very first things to go

Since I really wanted to get down to it this time and not just do the usual half baked cake, I've read up on "closet cleaning" a lot this week. I think the thing that most stuck with me personally was:

"If you don't really love it, it's gotta go."

There. The ultimate question to ask after

a)  "Is it still in good condition?" 

b) "Is it still wearable fashion wise?" 

c) "Does it fit within your personal style paradigm?

d) "Does it still fit my body?"


e) Do you really love it?

If the answer is No, well then "If you don't really love it, it's gotta go."

A lot of what I moved out wasn't even in a state worthy of donation, never mind selling. My big problem is right here. A lot of my items get some serious wear. I am talking holes here. That, and I am a bit of a packrat. I grew up with the mentality that you didn't just toss away things. So I look at an item and I am like "It's still good!" "It can still be worn!" "It could become fashionable again!" "But... it's ... comortable." "It's really fine for just putting on when bringing your son to kindergarden." "I can still use it at home!!!"


Point is, I hear that reasoning, but I am really not happy as Frumpy McDoodle. Or as Penny from Big Bang Theory would say "Forever 63". I want a more polished appearance 24/7, not just "special occassions".

So, one of my resolutions for 2014 was to do the dressing I am capable of and enjoy the most every single day. And for this to work well, I need a closet that's manageable, i.e. it would be really, really advantageous if I knew what's actually inside and don't just remember about 1/3 when thinking of the daily outfit.

Part of the donation pile, the bags where actually stuffed when I finally gave them away

That being said, I did also rediscover some items that I hadn't worn in ages (you know that thing about "not worn in x months, out it goes"? - well that doesn't really work for me) and that eventually could be incorporated into the new "Me" - wardrobe

 For example, there was this simple cotton blouse in white with purple squares - Benetton

One of my personal winter uniforms is pants, button down shirt, short & slightly oversized jumper. Feeling really comfortable in that get up. So I think I am going to keep this shirt for awhile.

Another thing I did this time was researching about the seasonal color types. The theory, or system, that divides people from 4 up into 16 categories based on skin tone, hair and eye color. I am not entirely sold on the strict boxing, I think it is more fluid for a lot of us and of course it changes when you color your hair etc.

For example, with my natural hair color and my birth eye color, I would be in the summer range. But some of the colors there still don't suit me. And some of course I plain don't like.

After coloring my hair red and now that my eyes became more greenish with the brown corona rather than grey-blue, I am more categorized as spring. Well some of these colors I could have worn before and still some of them don't suit me now because I have kept my cool skin tone.

Additionally, I can pull of some winter ones. The ones that I found work overall the least for me are in the autumn spectrum.

In the end, it did make me look thoroughly at some of my garments with a new perspective and question myself whether I want to keep something in a color that really doesn't flatter me at all (Hello Yellow and offsprings, I am talking to you!). Plus, I found some colors I won't look at anymore when shopping in the future, like a certain shade of grey that compliments nicely my under eye rings, which makes me more fortified against crap purchases. It also made me realize just how bad the blonde was the salon gave me on the last recoloring. So I would definitely encourage you to check that out before starting your next wardrobe overhaul.

Oh, I almost forgot, it also helped with reducing my collection of kajal pens. No pictures of what I got rid of here. I really need to get into the habit of doing this, taking pictures of everything that is.

I also didn't take any pictures of the "trash pile", there where two plastic shopping bags that were directly going into the bin, since I am decked out with rugs for cleaning for another decade already. One big Ikea cardboard box is now full of "Maybes" and ehr, lounge wear, but I plan to get rid of the winter items in there as soon as it is getting warm enough to not needing them anymore.

P.S. I swear I'll work hard on the quality of my pictures!

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