New shoes ... but for whom?

Sigh. We were actually on the search for a pair of shoes for my son who has outgrown his spring/summer shoes. Then I found these for a fab price in the kids department of the Puma store:

I have a suspicion that they are boys sneakers, but details like that don't stop me. I once bought a great fitting short t-shirt (if I ever remember, I'll post some pics) in 3 colors at Benetton, only to find out a couple months later reading the label inside that I bought a shirt ment for boys age 8/9.

I've already worn them and they are super comfortable.

My son loves the playground attached to the shopping village, so we promised him to go there after we've found some shoes for him. But he kept nagging to go there immediately.

Husband: "You can see that he's male, he picks the slide over the shoes"
Me: "Well, I'd consider skipping shoe shopping for a great playground, alas, they don't have them in my size there."
Not lying here.

More loot:

I can always justify a new hoodie jacket with the amount of time I spend at the gym/dojo.

This is the first time I am trying a CC product. After a short period in my late teens where I heavily laid on the whole foundation shebang, I've been going bare skin 90% of the time ever since. But these new products have left me curious.

What can I say, I go bare skin and naked lips, but I definitely like to pack color on the eyes (and on my toe nails)