Black & White Splash

Met with a friend for coffee last Tuesday. She was very nice and gave photo shooting a try (thank you again D!), using my Nokia Lumia 1020. It makes really good pictures, but it isn't a professional camera (we'll get there in time) and it takes a bit to get used to how to work with distance and angles, as you can see in the following pics.

When you look at the difference between standing and sitting photographs I think they also show just how much you can change/distort body shape before even going to Photoshop with distance, angle and posing position. I am a posing newbie. But you can learn from my mistakes ;)

In the standing pictures, the sun is at 1-2 o'clock, in the sitting ones at 7 o'clock.

It is a quite fascinating learning process.

Oh look, it's "the bag"!

Not sure I would wear the denim shirt under the sweater again. I liked the color and texture combination, but it didn't fall very nicely on the back side.

Wearing my new Puma sneakers with purple socks from Calzedonia.

The denim button down is from H&M, the black&white splash sweater is from Mango, the pants from Artigli.

I bought the sunglasses at last years winter sale, the earrings are with me since a long time.

Sincerely,  Love & Kisses

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  1. ah ah ah il blog con il vero fotografo professionale, sei troppo forte, guarda le mie foto dei primi post, se non sbaglio aprile confronto queste foto sono perfette, Invece le fa proprio bene il lumia!

    1. L'ho fatto ;) Sono andata a guardare i post dei primi mesi. Li hai ancora i J.Campbell Tick Wedges?

      Si il Lumia fa delle belle foto, devi solo imparare ad usarlo, insomma come tutte le machine fotografiche.

    2. no le ho vendute a diana! ps il link su instagram che hai a destra non funziona :-(

    3. Grazie per farmelo notare, il link usava ancora il nome utente vecchio. L'ho aggiustato.

  2. Super cool look dear...:-)

  3. wow wow wow beautiful!!!!:)


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