Casually Grey with Ruffles

These pictures are from at least 2 weeks ago. I haven't done any new ones in the last couple of days (since Friday to be exact) because it has been raining during the times it would have been theoretically possible.

Now I just hope that the rain gives me a break for tomorrow afternoon when I am going to meet my friend D again with the intention to do another "pro" photo shooting. And coffee. Or ice cream. And chatting.

Funky Jungle Sideview

This is another example of my winter uniform/winter layering which I found out works quite well for me. Only difference: I am not wearing the heavy, very unsexy top underneath like I did when it was really cold outside.

For this version I chose to wear a tailored shirt that had not seen the outside world for quite some time, or even very often if for that. It has a pleated neck and ruffles down the front till approximately mid chest. Honestly? I bought it because I have a crush on the men's fashion of that time period. I should have been Lady Oscar.

Coupled it with a simple grey sweater and shiny black satin pants.

Funky Jungle Frontview
Let's try some funky posing

Sunglasses, Bracelet, Orchid Necklace

The orchid necklace? Very Funky Jungle. Pendant is a gift from my husband, I added the chain. The bracelet is something I found in a 1€ bin at H&M. I am not even sure it was ment to be a bracelet.

closed eyes, orchid necklace, bracelet
Proof I am wearing make up sometimes

more funky jungle posing
More fancy posing

Shoes & socks, handbag & sunglasses
The shoes!

Casual posing

To stay in theme, the sunglasses have a zebra like pattern on the outer edges

Funky handbag and animal print sunglasses
Handbag and Sunglasses ... yes, really!

Have a splendid day and/or long weekend!

Outfit Sources

Shirt - Jobis via T.K.Maxx
Pants - Artigli
Sweatshirt - H&M (old) *similar* & I also have something similar to *this*
Bracelet - H&M
Handbag - Urban Outfitters
Wedge Pumps - Bata