Closet Find

I've talked about my last closet/wardrobe purge here. In the last couple of days, I've been contemplating on having another go, first because the season changed, second to further refine based on what I wore and what I learned about my style in the past months.

Documenting my outfits via pictures has been quite the game changer. My existing wardrobe has become an exciting game, an adventure to be uncovered and lived rather than a dull drag of "Urgh, I've got nothing to wear except that same old combo".

Then there is this box full of "Maybes" and "Loungewear" that I think needs another look at as it has reached the capacity limit. To be honest, about a week ago I just wanted to take the whole box and toss it, but I wager I'll miss some of the pieces during the very hot days of summer.

Anyway, today I wanted to show you one of the things I've "rediscovered" but hadn't taken proper pictures of until now.

This blouse/shirt is from Biba and was a Christmas present from my parents some years ago. I haven't worn it a lot to be honest, admittedly in part because at the time I was into a more frumpy (and lazy) way of dressing.

 This section is made in part print, in part applique with paillettes/sequins and fiber. 

 Instead of the usual buttons, it is closed with a zipper

I think it is very particular in a good way. In fact even so I wasn't wearing it often, I never could part with it. Shall I say, we were waiting to be ready for each other?