Funky Jungle - The Artsy Edition

Yesterday was a holiday here in Italy. My husband went to a meet up so I spent the day chilling with our son. Originally I had not planned to have a post up regarding the day, this was a spontaneous decision whilst already being out and about.

And since there was no one else at hand for taking pictures, the following post consists of a lot of selfies and some pictures taken by my son, like this one:

I was wearing a super comfortable long knitted dress I bought during winter sales at H&M. Don't panic when you read knitted because the material is very light and the dress semi transparent. Underneath I was wearing leggings and a simple burgundy top.

This picture was taken by my son as well, as you can see in the reflection

Leg Picture
Details of leggings I was wearing underneath the dress. 
The leggings are from Mango, bought in winter 2013
Made by me
This bracelet I made myself
One necklace, one D.I.Y.
This one, leather and sterling silver, is actually a necklace,
you can see how it looks further down


Another picture taken by my adorable offspring

Rolled up the sleeves 3 times to end up at the middle of the forearm.

The Turtle
My phone bag ;-)

On the rooftops
Sneakers are some old New Balance

simple jewelry
Here it is in the intended necklace version, it comes from the shop

And now a change of perspective:
It is starting to get cloudy. Soon we will be hit by a thunderstorm

Chillin' like a pro

A piece of balcony

H&M sunglasses I bought when I had forgotten mine at home ... in another country.

Erhm hmm I actually just now remember that I do have an older digital camera with auto shoot function I could have used. Ah well...



  1. beh mica male le foto scattate da figliolo, ma quanti anni ha?
    Mi piace molto anche la balaustra del balcone, molto retrò!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. Ha 5 anni. Però è facile col telefono con touch screen, devi solo schiacciare lo schermo due volte.

  2. Molto carine le foto. Belli i braccialetti!

  3. Great post! I just stumbled across your blog for the first time and it's great.

    Beth x


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