Stripes for Sunday

Last Sunday we were at an open BBQ held at a local farm not too far away from us.

It is a really nice structure that is used as housing/workplace for youth in/post rehabilitation.

They have a lot of animals which the children can observe/interact with, plus a big playground, my son was in heaven. Me a little less as this time of the year my allergies just love for me to be in nature and around animals

I admit that I am not quite happy with the jacket, alas it was my best choice. Thankfully it was warm enough so that I actually didn't need to wear it, I just wanted to include a picture.

Yes, I am wearing the same boots and using the same bag as last time. Sue me. Told you I don't own that many bags and the booties are as if made for my feet. Besides, who wants to walk over grass etc in heels?

The dress is from H&M, bought last winter in sales. Tights are from Calzedonia, the scarf is from Mango, the jacket from a thrift shop. Boots from Bagatt.



Thank you for sharing your throughts!