All black - Question and Answer

Bianco Nero profilo

Q: So, tell us about your outfit.
A: It is black. Black sweater, black pants. There is black in the earrings, the bracelet, and some in the bag.

Q: Not exactly a happy spring outfit ...
A: Actually, it was pretty overcast that day and not exactly warm. I don't even know why I put on the sunglasses.

Q: Still ...
A: There are flowers... but yes, you are right of course, especially since trend favors an array of pastel candy colors. Fancy that, for the longest time I was convinced they don't suit me. Turns out I had it all wrong. I have since started to look out for some lighter colored additions to my wardrobe. I will talk about that soon.

Scarpe rosse e borsa stampa animalier

Q: The sandals however really pop some color.
A: Oh these. I bought them in Germany such a long time ago, they could almost be vintage. Maybe they are. I don't keep a notebook with buy dates, you know.

foto bianco & nero con albero

Q: I recall seeing those pants only recently.
A: That would be correct. Maybe you will also remember that I have been talking about my pants situation quite a lot.
Q: Yes I do.

Q: You've been showing us a lot of, let's call it "old stuff".
A: No need to exaggerate. Most of it isn't older than a couple of months to 2 years. These pants and shoes are an exception.

Q: Don't you think people could get bored with seeing things that are labelled "old".
A: Not really. I started Funky Jungle less than 6 months ago, so a lot of the items I have in my wardrobe haven't been shown as part of an outfit on my blog yet. In fact, you have not even seen everything I got in the last sales and we almost arrived at the next. Also, I think it is nice to show how to mix up current and, well, seasoned fashion. And that seasoned can be current.

Q: Case in point, the wide leg pants
A: Exactly.

black wide leg pants & owl sweater

Q: Something we don't know yet?
A: I've cut my hair. A little. But you will have to wait a bit longer for pictures. There's another 2 posts in line before.

Q: Thank you for your time.
A: Oh no, thank you!

Jumper - H&M, Pants - H&M, Bag - Marco Bianchi, Sunglasses - H&M, Bracelet Bijoux Brigitte, Earrings - Festival del Oriente, Shoes - Tigger, Belt - thrifted



  1. Carina l'idea delle domande e risposte, come mi piace questo look, la borsa e' molto il mio genere!

    1. Grazie. La borsa è di un marchio italiano, Marco Bianchi, li vendono qui in girò nelle profumerie, pelleterie.

  2. stai molto bene in total black e carina l'idea delle domande e risposte! bella anche la borsa!




    1. Grazie. Avevo un periodo dove c'era solo "total black" ;-)


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