April - Untold Stories

Wrapping up April. A few days into May. It has been a strange month of up and downs. My temper flared a couple of times when it would probably have been wiser to remain silent. Overall tho, I have become distinctively more calm, relaxed and centered over the past years. More focused too.

Here are a couple of pictures I took that never made it into posts.

An ad campaign. I absolutely fell in love with this dress. It is very Funky Jungle.

Ad campaign
Cut, Pattern Mix & Colors, what's not to love?

A view I am seeing twice a week.

My Karate Gi

A walk in the park

Borsa Urban Outfitter
Urban Outfitters handbag & daisies

I can use this as camouflage in said park

Like wrapping yourself in a huge foulard,
like wrapping yourself in a piece of Jungle

The bee restaurant. Sensation: Standing next to a miniature airport

tree with flowers
Tree in full bloom

Hello Beauties, come to the Jungle please

Ad campaign
Please be mine.

First Coppa di Gelato of the year. Strawberries of course. What's your favourite?

Coppa alle fragole
Myam myam

Kickin' back.

Puma sneakers, calzedonia tights
Puma sneakers & Calzedonia tights & patterned sun dress

Guilty pleasure

Below the staircase

Contribution from our favorite photographer

Funky Jungle, Funky Tights.

Max&Co Tights and thrifted shoes.

Let's have a splendid May, shall we? Do you have any specific plans?

For me, I am looking forward to my parents visiting at the end of the month/beginning of next.