Blue for Easter Sunday

Like every year on Easter Sunday we were invited for lunch at my in-laws. Of course there were big chocolate eggs and yes, there was also a Colomba (traditional Italian Easter cake). Thankfully, there was also lots of sunshine.

A very relaxed affair. You can see that the pictures of me were taken after a long lunch, some lounging and some playing, because the dress is anything but pristine condition.

In the evening we also had friends over for dinner, but because they too had family lunch earlier in the day, we ordered take away and everyone only chose a single small dish.

Arm with bracelet

First, some different kind of fashion.

These gentlemen clearly wear their best outfits, but they are not ones to buck to trends. By the way, the lower left one is called "Il Mandarino" by my son. Yes, there's some heavy reenacting of Iron Man with Playmobil figures happening.

Playmobil figures
Fashionable Playmobil

Sorry, I disgress ...

I instead was wearing a light blue wrap dress with bat wing sleeves by Max&Co. Easy to wear in regards of color, material and cut, it is an all around great dress that you can easily glam up or tone down depending on the occasion. And you can move in it. Run after children. A big plus.


Underneath I wore a tailored shirt with blue stripes (H&M), because despite the sunshine it wasn't yet warm enough (for me at least) to go with just a camisole. But I am sure we will see this dress again over the course of summer.

It was really love at first sight (or first try on) for me with this dress. I think I've had it for close to 2 years now and I am not growing tired of it.

I didn't know you had to walk THAT slowly.

Bicyle bicycle
Premium parking space

Paired with blue sunglasses I found at DM and a blue suede clutch embellished with studs.

Of course my favorite photographer had to make a contribution as well.

Hand holding pump

So how did the long weekend go for you?



Thank you for sharing your throughts!