An Evergreen - Jeans and white Tee

The other day I was wearing a very simple and classic combo. An Evergreen. Something I think will never go out of style as long as we are wearing denim.

 "Blue jeans, white shirt
Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn
It was like James Dean, for sure.." - Lana del Rey

It is something that works well for a lot of scenarios, depending on the cut & material of the shirt and the cut of the jeans. In my case, it ended up as a more boyish look because the jeans are a wide cut with a hole/rip that made itself over time. It started out as thinning material, fold line style. Then a little hole appeared, which then ripped open along the width as I accidentally got stuck with my toe putting on the pants.

The jacket is thrifted.

The white t-shirt was actually intended for a boy of the age 9-10, it was in a huge pile of mess at a Benetton store during sales period in the women's part of said store. I didn't check the label, just tried it on, it fit and I got it in 2 more colors. Laughed loud when I found out it was a little boys garment. Love it anyway.

Then of course there is also young Marlon Brando:

Naked feet

silver shoes high heels pumps

The owl necklace is from Accessorize, the other necklace I made myself, the stacked bracelets are from various sources.

No trees were harmed in the production of this photo spread.

Contribution from our favorite photographer

And by the way, what do you think of my new haircut?

Outfit Sources:

T-Shirt - Benetton
Shoes - Deichmann
Bag - Mango,
Belt - Medieval Fair
Jeans - H&M

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