Fashion Exhibition - Vintage & older

We are back at the Villa Mazzuchelli!

I've mentioned in the other post about the exhibition that it was divided in two/three parts. One, as you already know, dedicated to the Italian designer Gianfranco Ferrè. The second part was more generally showing clothing from different eras. And then there was the vintage market.

Today we are looking at the pictures from the general exhibition part.

Wedding dresses - Abiti da sposa 

Wedding dress - 1953
Wedding dress/Abito da sposa 1953

Wedding dress - 1905
Wedding dress/Abito da sposa 1905

Wedding dress - 1973
Wedding dress/Abito da sposa 1973

Wedding dress - 1973 - backside
Wedding dress/Abito da sposa 1973

80ies fashion

These were displayed behind glass and in darkened rooms, so the pictures did not turn out as I would have liked.

Gianni Versace - jeans with butterfly print 80ies
Gianni Versace - 80ies

Miu Miu - red shoes with white bow
Miu Miu

United Nude

Gianni Versace - pants 80ies
Gianni Versace - 80ies

Boots with flower print

Another century

Wedding dress - 1870-1880
Wedding dress/Abito da sposa 1870-1880

For those interested, a little bit of history on sewing machines can be read here.
Can you imagine how many hours of work it must have been creating something like the above before the invention, when you had to do it by hand?

Night- and Underwear

Red night gown with lace applications

This is not a crop top!

They also had a display of toiletries from different eras, but I didn't manage to take pictures of those.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures of fashion from times gone by. Have a nice day!