Festival and Thunderstorm - Pictures from the Lake

The Sunday before the last one we went to the lake for a walk. It was not cold, but clouded and in fact later on there would be a storm.

That weekend the festival of lakes took place, so lots of merchant booths and attractions throughout the town. I love festivals and fairs. I love walking along checking out merchant wares and discovering things you do not find in your garden variety of mall stores.

Here are some of the pictures I took that day:

cardboard chair
Lake impressions and furniture vendor

The furniture you see in the pictures above was made out of wood and corrugated cardboard. Very funky. Quirky stuff like that makes me happy. On the lake they held rowing competitions.

La Lavanda del Lago
La Lavanda del Lago

This was the lovely booth of a woman selling lavender everything. The photos do not really do it justice how pretty it was.

water views, food, scarves, ducks, lago, anatra, alimentari
Merchants and ducks

More pretty wares and a street

scarpe, bigiotteria, orecchini, anello, borsa
Window shopping
 In town there is this shop that has the most awesome unique jewelry.

confettura, pelush, scarpa bambini, produzione di carta a mano
More wares, a paper maker and a lonely shoe
 Here you could see a paper maker at work.

Balcone e outfit
Me and a pretty balcony
I was dressed very casually with cropped pants, light grey sweater, sneakers. Apologies for the very unglamorous shot, but by the time we got around to the outfit pictures, a storm was rapidly approaching and I really didn't fancy my son getting wet to the skin.

Tempo, temporale, cielo
A storm is coming
That is what the sky was looking like when we left. It was also very windy but I didn't manage to catch that properly on picture.