Friday's Fashion Find - F.I.N.E.

As you might have guessed, the aim of Friday's Fashion Find is to show you all manner of things "fashion" that I find around the web. Or elsewhere.

So what is F.I.N.E.?

F.I.N.E. or Fun Is Not Expensive is a brand producing bags and other accessories that I found reading Twiggy Magazine, a publication I think sadly is no more. Or they put out an edition every couple of months only. It was so delightfully quirky.

I really liked the prints and designs of the F.I.N.E. bags and their brand philosophy, so I thought I'd share it with you all. Too bad the designs in the magazine aren't on the site anymore as it is a bit older. Yes, I keep old fashion mags around, I still have a host of Velvet editions.

Do you read print fashion magazines? And do you keep the old ones?

On to the pictures!

From the collection S/S 2014:

Party Coco - Ipanema

Party Coco - Paloma Plage

Fancy B - Los Cabos

Fancy B - Maroma

Mon Chéri - Takeo Type 2

Mon Chéri - Piha

Mon Chéri is a fash mini bag. Tiny.

And from their bracelet collection, Icon and Mundus:

From their internet presence I couldn't see whether the name is game and as for information on how and where to acquire, you will have to visit their website and/or contact them directly.

All pictures are from the F.I.N.E. - Fun is not expensive website.



  1. such a cool accessories!

  2. Beautiful pieces, my favorite is the polka dot purse. I do read print magazines..all of them...Gioia, Grazia, Tustyle, Donna Moderna, Myself, Glamour e F magazine.

  3. Replies
    1. Cheers Alessia, thanks for stopping by :)


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