Friday's Fashion Find - Mango Shopping Day


So it seems I was very lucky yesterday and got the weather I ordered.

Today I am going to do a slightly different version of Friday's Fashion Find as I will show you a couple of things I actually bought already.

Last Saturday Mango offered a 30% discount on its current collection and called it Shopping Day.

I ... couldn't resist.

Especially since I am still in a desperate pant situation. So many beautiful shirts, tops, blouses etc and struggling with the bottom parts. None of my old pants (from before pregnancy or shortly after) really fit anymore. My body changed a hell of a lot after I started with Karate. Constant physical activity tends to do that to you.

Or, if they were kind of fitting, they left me go bleah. When I did my closet cleaning, I let go of about half. Approximately.

I tried to get some of them altered, cropped, nipped but even then I am still kind of meh about the majority of them. Maybe most things aren't ment to stay with you for eternity. Maybe I don't like them anymore because they really belong to a different me. Do you know what I mean?

Both of the pants I ordered are made of light material and pretty classic cuts in neutral colors, so they hopefully will work well. And I love me some wider fitting, especially in summer.

Here is what arrived Wednesday afternoon:

Dress print bi-color - Abito stampa bicolore

Dress pois - Dress polka dots

Capri length Palazzo Pants - Pantaloni Palazzo Capri

Wide leg pants

High waisted baggy pants - Pantaloni baggy fiocco

High waisted lose fit pants - Pantaloni leggeri con vita alta

Yes, I have to iron them ...

So, what do you think about my picks?



Thank you for sharing your throughts!