In the Park

I've already told you about meeting up with Daniela on the 1st of May and thankfully the weather supported our plan to do a nice outdoor photo shoot. There was a thunderstorm building, but by the time it started to rain we were already heading home.

We took the pictures in one of the city parks. I actually had not been here before, so this was two new things wrapped into one for me. It is astonishing how sometimes you do not know the things that exist right around your corner, but it also fortifies my resolution to work on discovering them.

The park is quite large, has three small ponds, two playgrounds for children, ample grass areas for people wanting to sunbath (which they did in droves that day) and in an area slightly hidden there was a group of men playing cricket.

Despite the park being full we managed to not have too much intrusion into our photo backgrounds.

Sulla roccia
Enjoying ice cream decoratively on a rock

I started familiarizing myself with Photoshop, but besides the black&white plus the above picture which got a funky filter, all photographs are as they came out of D's Fuji. Playing around with filters is nice, I enjoy it. Too much "nip&tuck" work to make pictures "representable" puts me off.

Vicino al albero

Since we went to a park and my son was there too, I chose to wear something comfortable even tho my husband played with the kid whilst D and I went off into the other direction.

The jeans jacket is thrifted. My cow print bag is from a local brand. And the pants are H&M from many (many) moons ago.

One of the ponds

Accessories Overload! Well for me at least. Two necklaces? Earrings? Bracelets? I haven't worn that much in almost 4 years. The earrings were a Christmas gift from my sister S, the large necklace I bought on a market in Germany some years ago.

All in line!

All the ponds were full of turtles!


The top is H&M as well, the upper part is made from transparent chiffon material. Here you see the bracelets I talked about earlier, as well as the belt I was wearing that day after D talked me into tucking my t-shirt in. This belt is another case pro thrifting.

Maybe you noticed that I took off the earrings. What do you think is the better version? With or without?

The Dreamer
The Dreamer

Zeppe Bata raso nero
Show your feet!

Are you bored yet with seeing items from my "old" stock? These wedges are Bata, but again not from the current collection. While writing this I wondered how long I could go doing outfit posts without buying anything new but also not getting too repetitive.


It is time to head home.

What did you do on the 1st of May?

Outfit Sources:

Pants - H&M (old)
Top - H&M (old) --- similar (on sale)
Denim Jacket - thrifted --- similar
Shoes - Bata (old) --- almost identical
Bag - local boutique --- similarbudget zebra option - leo splurge option

Photos were taken with a Fuji FinePix S4500 and by Daniela C.S., all rights reserved.