The Blue Bag Argument - Styling Culottes for Spring

Good Morning!

Greetings from the North of Italy where we have a bout of really warm and sunny weather and a blogger who likes to play curious artist with Photoshop filters.

This is the kind of outfit I wear when I'm in the shop but I might also wear it to a more formal lunch or dinner.

I already showed you the pants here on the hanger, now you can see them in action. Do I love them? Heck yeah! They are cropped, wide cut and light, soft material. Perfect for this warmer weather. Really glad I bought them. Only had to get them nipped a little on the waist to better fit my proportions.

Playing around with Hues, Saturation, Lightning

The Outfit

Mango shirt and pants, evil blue bag

The shirt I got from Mango Outlet at a superb prize last year. Right now they are running a promo code period.

Sunglasses off
Sunglasses off!

In the shadows
In the shadow

Contemplating sideglance

Sigh, I keep telling my husband to alert me to parts of my outfit being not aligned properly, weird creases showing up etc ... anyway, when I saw these at the Accessorize shop, I had to grab them.

Tiny earstud letter "A"
Earstud "A"

The necklace is from a brand we recently added to the shop, I plan to talk about them in detail soon.

Pants detail, satin stripe along the sides
Pants detail

My B-side

Watching the clouds

Which clouds?

Now the bag

My choice for this blue one with cream details was sort of a hot topic here. My mother-in-law (and my husband - both Italians- agreed with her) insisted that I cannot use it. The bag needs to be black. The bag always needs to fit the shoes. Black and blue is a no no, I cannot bomb the outfit like this. You immediately see that I am not Italian because of my choice. Eh? Please help a girl out here. Was the choice of blue bag to contrast really such an offense?

Evil blue bag
Evil blue bag

Decorative bracelet picture

After all this hard photoshooting work we went into town and got some ....

Typical italian town church

... Ice cream!

I have two go-to Cups when going to the Gelateria. Strawberry or Amarena.

Ice cream Strawberry Cup
Strawberry Cup, one of my favorites

Yes, I am looking at you.

Outfit Sources 

Pants - Mango
Shirt - Mango Outlet

Shoes - Bagatt
Earrings - Accessorize
Bag - local
Bracelets - too long ago, Mango
Sunglasses - Naj Oleari

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