What I read on the Internet

It's been awhile since I published my Top 10 link list, I did not actually have as much time for pure leisure reading in the last two weeks as I would have liked maybe. Lots of offline work as we are preparing in the shop for the event at the end of the month. So 1 or 2 of these are a little bit older already.

Signature9 - Top 99 Influential Fashion Blogs 
The new ranking for 2014 is out

Kingdom of Style - Where Fashion meets Art
Over 30 Fashion Blog

Miel-Cafè - personal blog 
In the article I read she's talking about lightweight foundations

WhoWhatWear - 13 Fashion Girl Stereotypes
I clicked through that slideshow and couldn't say 100% YES to any of these. Guess I am not a fashion girl - What about you?

Fanfarella - personal blog 
She has been doing a travel diary in these days

Smokey Eye for small eyes tutorial
Maybe even I can finally learn to do it

Style.com - Wide leg pants slide
I love wide leg pants!

Phone Camera Tips

Brain Pickings - Trying not to try
Wuwei et al

Time lapse video of Aurora Borealis