May - Untold Stories

And it's a wrap! May has come and gone and here are the pictures of what didn't make it onto the blog this month nor will as full story.

I did a major decluttering round this month, I've become so sick with stuff being stuffed in every little corner in the house. Suddenly I felt like being suffocated by all the things I never use nor will with much likelyhood ever use. At one point I just wanted to take everything and toss it down the balcony, hahaha. Mad woman.

New bracelets in mint

Twiggy Magazine

This is from the same day as the pictures in this outfit post:

Under the bridge

Under the bridge 2

This was the month of the new accessories:

New earrings

One of my prefered silhouettes at the moment:

Marie Claire April

Random Outfit:

Casual supermarket outfit

T-shirt details

Pretty flower

Guess why I like this:

Chanel ad

Enchanted places in the city:

The Gate

Lamp and Tree

One of my favorite colors and prints:

Marie Claire May

Pretty Flower 2

My son is helping with my mood board:

My favorite photographer

Out for dinner with my parents:




  1. Ma non lo dire a me stavo facendo la stessa considerazione guardando casa mia! Bellissimi gli orecchini con le foglie!!!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

    1. Alla fine non ho buttato giù tutto, però un bel po di roba. E' come un respiro più libero.

  2. I love all your ideas! Cool pics!!

    The Cutielicious

  3. E' andata benissimo grazie! Buona giornata!

  4. wow ma che belli tutti!


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