Black Hood - Halloween Edition

They aren't approaching yet. There's still time. How much? Who knows. We never do. All that we can really do is live each moment to the best of our abilities. Even if we are just waiting.

"Will we be able to pull this off?"
She smiles.
"Of course."

The moment I saw this dress, which is part of the current H&M Divided collection, I knew it had to be mine, because it lets me become so many of the personae I always wanted to be. And am. Under the hood, I can hide the mask I am wearing.

Nel momento in cui ho visto questo vestito, che fa parte della attuale collezione di H&M Divided, sapevo che doveva essere mio, perché mi avrebbe permesso di essere tutti personaggi che ho sempre voluto essere. O che sono. Sotto il cappuccio posso nascondere la maschera che porto.

In dem Moment als ich dieses Kleid, Teil der aktuellen H&M Divided Kollektion, gesehen habe wusste ich, dass es mir gehoeren musste, weil es mich so viele der Persoenlichkeiten werden laesst, die ich immer sein wollte. Oder bin. Unter der Kapuze kann ich die Maske verstecken, die ich trage.

Outfit Sources

Dress / Vestito / Kleid - H&M Divided
Blazer - H&M (old)
Pleather Leggings - Mango (old)
Boots / Stivaletti / Stiefel - Bagatt (old)

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