D.I.Y. Tutorial - How to Make a Leather Wrap Bracelet with Charms

If you've been following my blog for awhile, you know I make a part of my jewelry myself. Today I wanted to share a quick tutorial for the leather wrap bracelet I did last week.

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Making this wrap bracelet is easy peasy and done in under 5 mintues. You can see me wearing it here as part of the look with the white top with crochet type cut outs

La versione italiana trovate qui - Die deutsche Version findet Ihr hier

You will need:

- appropriate glue
- a cutter
- approx. 40cm of leather cord depending on your wrist size
- 1 clasp
- any number and shape of charms fitting the size of your cord.

When buying the cord, charms and clasp make sure each of them fits the respective other, ie the cord into the clasp and the charms onto the cord.

1. Cut the leather until it has the right length (I need about 36cm to fit twice around my wrist) and correct shape to fit neatly into the clasp. Mine was square so I had to trim the sides to make it fit the round clasp.

2. Fill one side of the clasp with glue, put in the leather, wait for it to stick and dry before proceeding.

3. Put the charms of your choice on the "leather" cord, as many as you want. I chose the initials of my name, but any store that offers these things likely has a nice selection. Your creativity and the cord length are the limit.

4. Glue the leather strap into the other half of the clasp.

5. Done. Enjoy your new fancy leather charm wrap bracelet.

VoilĂ ! Didn't I promise it is easy?

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