I'm gonna pop some tags - 5 Reasons Why I Love Thrifting (And you should too)

I figured, with all the thrifted items coming up continuously in my outfit posts, I give you some of the reasons why I personally love "going to pop tags" and why you should consider trying it at least twice. Once isn't enough because luck plays definitely a factor. We all know three times is a charm, so go for that.

"I'm Gonna Pop Some Tag" - 5 Reasons Why I Love Thrifting (And You Should Too!) || Funky Jungle - Mindful fashion & quirky personal style blog

5 Reasons why I Love Thrifting

1. The thrill of the Hunt

It is simply giving me lots of joy to find a great piece for little money after wading through racks, bins and piles of clothing and accessories either in a thrift store or at a flea market. It's a rather quick gratification. Psychologically, I link it to the same feel good effect created by the "DING" sound and lightning effects when you level up in an online game after a good grind. And once you've found the first piece, you'll want to go back for another fix.

2. The possibility to experiment with styles

Buying in thrift shops and on flea markets gives me (and could give you) the opportunity to whole heartedly experiment with different styles, patterns, cuts and fits without ripping a too big hole into my clothing budget. I often take home things I wouldn't even consider in a retail store and am then surprised by the result when mixing it into my existing wardrobe. If you are itching to mix things up, go and pop some tags.

3. The Money Saving

You can find great brand and designer pieces for a fraction of the original price in thrift shops and at flea markets. I've got both the Jil Sander blouse in the picture below and this D&G shirt for a tenth of the originals retail value each. 'Nough said. If you are on a budget, seriously consider visiting a well stocked thrift shop, consignment store or flea market in your area instead of "Random_cheap_fashion_retailer_01".

4. The sustainability factor

This is maybe the hardest to explain. I am not a die hard "Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do, or Do without", as I won't finish products I am not happy with, I don't keep everything just because it could one day become useful again nor do I wish to wear faded crap just because it ain't got holes yet. However I am a firm believer of quality over quantity, of buying with intention and not on a whim, of curating instead of hauling. Of trying to minimise our impact on the environment. And one way to do this is to re-use things that have already been created.

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5. The uniqueness factor

Thrifting is great for scoring a stand out piece that will spruce up your look big time for little money. You can find beautiful clothing and accessories that are pretty much not in circulation anymore and thus leave you with a piece that no one else is wearing, helping you create a unique personal style through which you can express yourself. Funkyness also thrives on that stuff. 

... of course you should wash it...

And you? Do you "pop tags"? What was your latest great thrift find?

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