10 Ways to Save Money on Fashion and Still be Trendy - The Closet Conundrum V

So in the series "The Closet Conundrum" we previously went over a lot of questions you can ask yourself when you are actually already in the shop ( here and here ), in order to help you with the final decision on whether to purchase an item of clothing or not. 

Today let's go over some tips on how to stay up to date fashion wise and/or keep your own style fresh and trendy on a budget. Some of these things can be done before or without setting foot in a shop or visiting a retailer website respectively.

10 Ways to Save Money on Clothing and Still be Trendy

1. Thrifting

I've already talked in some detail about the reasons why thrifting rocks and gave some practical tips. For me, it's hands down one of the best ways to score some wonderful pieces for little money. It is entirely possible that I put it at number one because I am inspired by the ace Jil Sander crop jacket I scored for 5 bucks earlier today. Along with thrift shops I will also put flea markets and garage sales as well as Ebay in this category.

2. Buy Anti-Seasonal

Contrary to produce, which you absolutely should buy seasonal (and local if possible) in fashion it's more money savvy to buy anti-seasonal, that is during the last days of the sales of the season that's just fading out. It requires a bit of knowing what is going to stay and what will come in terms of silhouettes, colors, patterns and items but you can absolutely stay on trend. I however especially recommend this when we are talking about basics and classic investment pieces. 

3. Scoop out discount codes

Nowadays, especially online, shops are running various discount codes (X % off, free shipping, 2 or 3 for 1 etc) all darn year long. There are entire sites dedicated to send you newsletters with the latest, other than those the shops send themselves. I do not actually recommend signing up for those unless you have an iron clad will and/or love mailbox clutter. Doing a quick search with the terms "Shop X discount codes" will work just as well most of the times.

Personally, I have cancelled most of the discount/shop newsletters I was getting, keeping only those shops I love and buy from regularly, but for you it might work better to keep in the loop.

4. Check the extreme clearance rack / last days of sale

It's my favorite section and my favorite days, I can't help it. For me it has much of the same appeal as thrifting. During last days of sales shops will often mark down up to 70% and clearance often reduces the price even further because they are trying to get rid of that last of its kind. They are basically begging you to take their stuff. Now, it is true that a lot of times they should rather pay you for taking the left over crap, but not always. Ya know, it does happen that there's that thing you've been looking for all your life, in your size, at a mere fraction of the price you would have paid 4 months ago.

Don't stop believing!

5. Clothing swaps

Once you are done with your wardrobe purge, find a like minded individual (in my case, the first adress are my sisters) and swap the clothing you each don't like anymore. You can also host an entire swap party if you have more than one friend. I know in a lot of areas these are also organized as events, for example among fashion bloggers. And there are several online sites dedicated to this concept, like for example Swap Style, Rehash, Dig'n'SwapSwishing (UK) or Thred Up (US only)

6. The Vimes Paradigm - Quality over Quantity

I've quoted the Vimes thing here under point 4 already, but basically in a nutshell it says "Save money by spending money, buy quality that will last instead of having to rebuy and rebuy as the cheaper stuff deconstructs"

If you can, absolutely invest in quality for those items you either

- need to use a lot
- need to project a certain image (work wear, for example)
- want to love forever and ever.

or all of the above.

7. Outlets

As anyone following this blog for some time may have noticed, I am a big fan of the Mango Outlet Website, especially during last days of sales with special promo codes on top. Ah yes of course, you can on occasion stack these things. Also, my 3 recent pairs of Buffalo shoes come from one of their outlet stores. Again, Outlets are good for snagging up items at a fraction of the original retail price and again, it helps to know either what is coming, or being confident in your style.

8. Fidelity Programs 

Just like a lot of supermarkets, some clothing retail stores / brands will offer customer fidelity programs. If you have one shop or brand you really dig and where you find yourself in time and time again, it might be worth your while signing up for the shop fidelity card in order to use those bonus point programs or special VIP customer discounts.

9. Plan Ahead

Anyone who isn't completely out of the loop because they lived somewhere under a rock (or on the other side of the moon) knows about the major sales events for their region / country like for example summer / winter sales or Black Friday. Some that used to be regional nowadays are worldwide, thanks to the internet and shops never passing up an opportunity to sell us more stuff. Plan your clothing budget with these dates in mind.

10. Customize

I've mentioned this before, in my post about Thrift Tips, but this works also for your own old stuff. Customize it! Change it up. Get creative. Chop, Nip, Tuck, Embellish. Nothing rocks more then expressing your own style not only by carefully selecting what you buy and methodically curating your wardrobe but also by customizing pieces in creative ways.

Yes, there are items I will splurge on and pay full price. But they have to be worth it.

11. Bonus Tip: Student Discounts

This is not something I can make use off, so I am not an expert on it, but a lot of retailers do offer student discounts in some countries.

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