5 Styles to try this Spring/Summer

I've talked about my current wish list the other day and I thought I'd fill you in on the spring/summer trends I am personally planning to use for and incorporare into my looks.

5 Spring Trends I plan to do

1. Culottes

I've talked so much about these pants, you didn't think I would abandon them, did you? Currently I am looking for a second pair. Keep your thumbs pressed for me!

2. Stripes

I love stripes. Who doesn't love stripes? There's just something about stripes that instantly ups an otherwise simple outfit. They are considered classy. Maybe because in their most common version, they are perfectly ordered. Neat. And then there's the relation with that french chic. After all, there's even a stripe pattern shirt named Breton. And it seems we have Coco to thank for it becoming a fashion staple. By the way, the above collage is hosting a little outfit sneak peek.

3.Black & White

As the above mentioned stripes, with any other pattern, or as seperates, playing with these two "all or nothing" colors is one the things to do this spring/summer. Personally, I love it. How much easier can dressing up get? If you are looking for something similar to the Altuzarra shirt dress in the collage above, *this here* is a beautiful budget friendly option.

4. White Lace

I've been looking at lace pieces ever since last summer, but I admit I was rather set on black. Until now. because I finally found something I really liked. And it happens to be white. You can see it here, I bought it in the Shopbop Friends & Family Sale. I think it could really fit the dressy but flowy requirement I was looking for in a top. High hopes.

5. Boyfriend Jeans

So this isn't exactly a "new thing" but I just love slouchy jeans (or any pants for that matter). They are right up my alley. And you know I love those masculine vibes for an outfit. So boyfriend jeans and I feel like a natural fit. Since I actually only own one pair (small wardrobe, remember?) I figured it would be about time to get some different pants for the party shoes, so I *jumped at these* when I saw them. Unfortunately, I bought like the last pair on Shopbop (a steal with the 25% discount on top of the sales price), but there are plenty of other boyfriend jeans around.

6. Being funky

While that's not exactly a spring/summer 2015 style, it is an "always en vogue" style. And a category all of its own. The only rule is that you feel happy and fabulous with what you are wearing, that what you are wearing makes your inner sparkle and sass come out.

If you are feeling like giving any of these a try and are missing some ingredient, the 25% Off Shopbop Friends & Family Sale still runs until 11:59pm PT April 9th.

What Spring Trends are you interest in?

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