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So, "How to Blog" Topics are all the rage about right now, must be because blogging is all the rage right now. Here's my take on it. No, I am not going to tell you what social media you need to be on. I wouldn't know. Or how many times you need to post. Or that you need or not need to do this or that with your comments. This all depends so much on your personality, ultimate goal and reader demographics. No, I am just going to tell you what tools helped me personally becoming a "better" blogger over the course of my short blogging career. And most of it is about the mindset.

5 Things that helped me become a better (fashion) blogger | Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog
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5 Things that turned me into a better Blogger

1. Wanting it

The continuous wish to be the best blogger I can possibly be and thus being open to learn and actively seeking out resources was and is, in my opinion, instrumental in becoming better. And of course, this does not only apply to blogging. I actually enjoy this a lot. This "getting better" part. Because blogging for me is a passion first and other stuff second, getting better at it, learning how to provide more value and seeing this improvement progress happen over time fills me with joy. It makes me happy. Gettin' jiggy with it. Experimenting and tinkering with things and seeing what works is thrilling.

Being able to take a step back and a good look at ones "body of work", appraising it and ones performance honestly, without too much negativity is a mindset. Being willing to put ones nose down and getting on with it instead of finding excuses and 'woe is me' is a mindset. And yes, you are allowed to have fun doing so.

2. Reading these books

Reading both *How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul* by Ruth Soukup and *Fashion 2.0: Blogging Your Way to The Front Row* by Yuli Ziv. These two books have vastly changed the way I approached blogging and content creation and you can actually see this by looking at how my articles and posting schedule changed since around the time of mid December, which is when I read them. I think before that, I didn't even know what evergreen content was. You can thank them for "The Closet Conundrum" gems. Both are serious recommendations, also the latter might only be of interest to you if you are a fashion blogger.

3. Relaxing

At the same time as wanting to become better, I also learned not trying too hard. As funny as that may sound, but actually trying a little less, being less worried about whether one of my articles is ticking off all the "must have" check boxes and being more myself ultimately made my content better. Or at least I like to believe so. Plus, I do not try to do it all anymore. You know. All. All the things you are supposed to do, that you must do and all the virtual places you should be at in order to be "a good blogger". That stuff did my head in and made me focus on the wrong end. Now, I am not saying ignore it all, but for me it was definitely better to not try and do it all and be totally okay with that. Don't get me wrong. I am taking this serious, bloody serious. But being anxious and on the hamster wheel doesn't help anybody. Focusing on what works for you and what you are good at does.

4. Editorial Calendar

Setting up an editorial calendar was huge for me. Even if I am not strictly adhering to it, it has helped me a lot in actually having content ready before the last minute on the "due date" and developing a sort of story arc. I use a big wall calendar where I stick coloured post-its to. Different colours for different "topics", for example green is for my outfit posts, yellow for "5 Things" and so on. That way I can quickly glance thematics and keep a good balance with my post topics week by week. This also helps me remembering when happened what on Funky Jungle. If you have to only pick one thing to focus on for getting more organised, this would be the one I'd advice you to go with.

As a bonus point, my son loves to participate in editorial calendar creation and sticks his own "written" notes on there too. So if one day you find a post called "Sldkgjiretuoenfz" that's why.

5. Not giving up

This is actually something I learned practising karate (and playing Everquest). This thing about not giving up when immediate big results and instant gratification are not happening, but to constantly apply yourself to your goal until you reach it, until you bring your project to conclusion. Now, in that regard blogging is similar to karate again. There is no real conclusion or finishing line. Until you decide to call it quits, there's always one more step you can take, one more thing you can improve, new ways you can evolve.

For more about Blogging, check out my "Blog Tips" Board on Pinterest.

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