Sunday, 31 May 2015

Ripped Jeans - Cool Summer

My parents are "in town" since yesterday and for the rest of the week, so I'm going to keep this - understandably I hope - brief. You are likely going to see more of me on Instagram during the coming days.

Distressed boyfriend jeans, boxy ribbed top, colorful statement earrings | Ripped Jeans - Cool Summer || Funky Jungle, a fashion & personal style blog

Wearing my new ripped boyfriend jeans for the first time here. I've talked about ordering them during the Shopbop Friends & Family Sale in April. They are super soft and, just like the khaki pants, very comfortable. The kind of pants you just want to live in. Which is good, I love these kind of pants. Truth is, I'd wear my karate gi pants if it wouldn't be too weird. I was a bit worried about them being too distressed, but it's no problem at all.

Friday, 29 May 2015

You and Me. No Excuses - Layering Graphic Tees

I can't honestly remember if my eyes fell first on the "No Excuses" tank top or the "You + Me" crop top. It might have been the tank as I was actively looking for tops that would make funky "under" layers. Anyway, they both ended up with me in the dressing room. And because I am me, I didn't simply check whether the items fit. Oh no. I always have to put on a little styling show.

In this case, I ended up putting the crop over the tank, in order to see if the tank was useful as funky layer or not, and was quite pleased with the witty result, that is a new message made out of the combination of two graphic tees.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Pound Cake - Funky Jungle's Favorite Cake Recipe

This is another very simple, but always loved dessert recipe with my family. You can whip it up in no time at all and you will have it eaten in no time at all, especially if some people have differing ideas on how large a normal slice is.

Another thing I love about this cake recipe is its versatility. And of course you know that versatility is a big pro thing in Funky Jungle Land.

Funky Jungle's favorite pound cake recipe - quick, easy, delicious & versatile || Funky Jungle

You can add any topping you want. You can add any flavour you want. You can make it marmorized by stirring in some cocoa powder after you are done preparing the dough. You can add pieces of fruit. The possibilities are endless. You can go all Gusteau on this cake!

It's not a diet cake for sure. You could possibly replace the standard flour with gluten free one.



125g Flour
125g Corn or Potato Flour
200g Sugar
250g Butter
4 Eggs
Pinch of Salt
1 teaspoon Baking Powder

Couple drops of Lemon Juice for flavor

Optional: Rum and/or Vanilla. I've also done Orange Juice in the past.

Baking Measurements Converter


That's really your choice. I used chocolate here, but you can just sprinkle some powdered sugar on top.


Leave the butter at room temperature until it is soft, then cut in small pieces and put it into a bowl. Add the sugar and Vanilin sugar and mix it well. Add one egg after the other and always stir well, it is recommended to mix the mass for about 2mins in between adding eggs. Now add the lemon juice (and vanilla etc if you opt for it). Mix the flours and baking powder and add them, one tablespoon at a time, always mixing well in between.

When everything is a nice yellow, fluid but not overly liquid mass, put it into a baking form that you either prepared with paper and/or with butter (I dunno, I never use the paper and it works out fine)

Bake at around 165-185° C (330 - 365°F) for 60-70mins. May need adjustment depending on oven.

Near the end of the baking time, use a thin long something (like a metal skewer needle) to poke the cake. If some of the dough still sticks, bake it some more minutes.

After baking, put it upside down on a cake rack and let it cool down. Once cooled, add the desired topping. Your creativity is the limit.

And by the way, you can find the recipe for the cookies in the picture above here.

Buon Appetito!

P.S. My father loves to eat this with jam or Nutella on top of his slice...

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Sunday, 24 May 2015

Monochrome Retro Vibes - The Perfect Little Summer Jacket

I still think that one of the most important factors for being a "successful" thrifter (or flea market goer) is that willingness to dig deep. Or maybe you could say that here too you can apply the principles of wanting it and not giving up. Case in point, this cropped wool jacket with a little label that says "Jil Sander". I am not going to bore you with the price, but sufficent to say it was very little. Very very little.

And it is the perfect little summer jacket that you throw on when things are getting more chilly as the day progresses into evening and then night. Or when you feel like rocking that sleeveless dress but it isn't quite warm enough that day.

Black dress with white polka dots, thrifted Jil Sander cropped jacket, black leggings, fringe clutch || Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog

Friday, 22 May 2015

Back in the City - Outfit Quickie

It's not that it is always fantastically spectacular what I'm wearing when I meet up for coffee with D., but I like to show you my outfits with different backgrounds occasionally, so you can see that I'm not just pretending to wear the stuff you see on the blog.

Sitting at the fountain, wearing pinstripe blazer, skinny jeans, sneakers | Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog

It's just that our backyard wall is so very good as background for outfit pictures, that plain neutral grey that doesn't distract, plus besides my son no one is running across the pic.

I was wearing this outfit when I bought the pants you've seen in the Sunday Outfit Post.

You've already seen these things previously on the blog. The sweater like top, the skinny jeans, the blazer, the socks and the bag.

Non è che quello che indosso quando vado a incontrare D. per un caffè sia sempre spettacolare, ma mi piace farvi vedere i miei look davanti a sfondi diversi, proprio per dimostrare che indosso tutto ciò che vedete sul blog anche nella vita quotidiana.

Questa, tra altro, era anche la giornata dove ho comprato i pantaloni che avete visto nell'ultimo outfit.

Avete già visto tutto in precedenza. La maglietta, i jeans skinny, il blazer, le calze e la borsa.

Es ist nicht so, dass das, was ich anhabe um mich mit D. auf einen Kaffee zu treffen immer sehr spektakulaer waere, aber mir gefaellt es Euch ab und zu mit anderen Hintergruenden zu zeigen, dass ich den Kram den ich da so vorfuehre auch wirklich trage. Unsere Hinterhofwand eignet sich nur so wunderbar, ist herrlich neutral und ausser meinem Sohn rennt mir niemand ins Bild.

Das hier hatte ich uebrigens an, als ich die Hosen, die Ihr im letzten Outfit Post gesehen habt gekauft habe.

Das andere kennt Ihr bereits. Das Oberteil, die Skinny Jeans, den Blazer, die Socken und die Tasche.

A fountain at Brescia City

white & black splash pattern top, black skinny jeans, polka dot socks, sneakers and an old fountain | Back in the City

All cool back of the bus and stuff - Funky Jungle look with back & white patterned top, black skinny jeans, puma sneakers, dotted socks

Outfit Sources

Pinstripe Blazer - Mango
Sweatshirt Top - Mango (old)
Black Skinny Jeans - Mango *exact* *more black skinny jeans*
Socks / Calze / Socken - Topshop
Sneakers - Puma
Scarf / Sciarpa / Schal - OVS
Bag / Borsa / Tasche - Urban Outfitters

*This Post contains sponsored & affiliate links, opinions are as always pure funky*

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Thursday, 21 May 2015

And 5 Reasons Why I Love Online Shopping

A couple of weeks ago I talked about why I love shopping in real stores. Well today let's take a look at 5 good reasons to love online shopping.

1. You Can Dream

And live the joy of expectation. When you go into a shop, you will see something you fancy, see if it's there in your size, try it on and see right there and then whether it is or isn't for you. With online shops, you see an item you fancy, but you'll have to imagine how it will look on you and how it'll make you feel when you put it on. You'll be wishfully thinking that it will look oh so good on you.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

April's Favorite Five - What I loved last month

My favorites from April. Basically these are the five things I've engaged with the most, in a positive way. Things and products that were a regular part of my life during the last month.

My 5 Favorite Things from the Month of April

1. #Girlboss

I realize I am late to the party, but I just now read #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, a large online fashion retailer. The book left me divided. I overall liked it, but sometimes the tone and the narrative itself made me think "bitch please". This however might come from the translation, and not actually be Amoruso's fault, as I've read her book in German. At any rate, like her style or not, there's a lot of practical, down to earth wisdom and inspiration to be gleaned from this book, from her story. Unconventionally done conventional advice. Would have wished some more in depth about some points, but overall it's been a good (and quick) read and I certainly took something away from it.

2. Marc Jacobs Skinny Logo Bangle

During the warmer months I frequently ditch the rings and opt for bracelets instead. For one because short sleeves leave a lot more room to show off pretty arm candy than long ones. And for another because when it gets really warm, my fingers start to gain half a ring size, making it at times a real drag to wear rings. Despite that, this trinket was still sort of an experiment because I used to shy away from overt displays of logo, but I think it was a full success. I've been finding to wear it A LOT. It just goes with about any kind of outfit, from more sophisticated to casual summer looks. I am actually thinking about getting it in the black & silver version too.

3. Tokyo Love & Essie "Go Ginza"

I've been tweeting and talking on Facebook about these two already. You can see me wearing the sweater in this post. And the lovely pastel pink Essie shade "Go Ginza", that reminds me of cherry blossoms, has been one of my go to shades this spring. One thing to note however, don't grab this nail polish when you are in a hurry. It'll be a disaster. Mark my words. Otherwise it's beautiful. Great light shade if you don't want to do full on white.

4. Alterra Eyeliner & Make Up Factory "Dream Eyes" Mascara

Alterra is the bio decorative cosmetics home brand of the german drug store chain Rossmann. I have this eyeliner in a beautiful metallic blue called 08 Ice. The mascara is from the brand "Make Up Factory" which I believe is in Germany only available at Mueller drugstores. No idea about other countries, sorry. I have the "Dream Eyes" mascara and am very happy with the overall effect it has on my lashes. I have used both of these a lot, I especially like to use the mascara when I know we'll be shooting outfit pics.

5. Green Asparagus

I apologize for not including it in the picture. Or maybe not. At any rate, since the end of April they've been back in stores and back on my plate at least once a week, but more often twice as one pack is enough for two meals for me and I'm pretty much the only one eating them here at Casa Funky. I love them! I also love the white ones, but the green are a lot easier to prepare if you are a little lazy like me. Most of the times, when preparing them as side dish, I stay real simple and only boil or steam them, but you can also use them for a lot of other things, like Risotto for example.

I realize that two points have actually two items, but that's because for me they go together, I've used them mostly together.

What were your favorites in April?

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Monday, 18 May 2015

Links a la Mode - May 14

Links à la Mode: May 14

SPONSOR: East Dane: Red Heels, Sensi Studio, Katie Diamond, Gray Malin, Vermilion Dresses, Deux Lux, Brooklyn Tailors, Veda, 70s looks & Chaser Clothing

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

The Camouflage Installation - Relaxed in Khaki Pants

I am back with Khaki, but this time it is in pants. Paired with some neutral sandy shades, I feel like a walking camouflage installment.

Bought these pants awhile ago when I was in the city to meet D. They are hands down some of the most comfortable pants I own. I could wear them all the time - infact I kind of do. And i love that nowadays it is considered not only acceptable, but cool and chic to wear these kind of pants. Mind, I like my feminine full skirts and I don't feel out of place or character in them, but these are the style I'm ultimately at home in. Not that I wear anything I don't feel or dig. Just saying.

Khaki chinos, sand colored v-neck sweater, beige studded ankle boots, studded clutch, heart print scarf || The Camouflage Installation - Funky Jungle, #fashion & personal #style blog

You've seen the ankle boots, the scarf, the clutch and the sweater before on the blog.

Sono tornata in Kaki, ma questa volta con i pantaloni. Accoppiata con dei colori neutrali sfumatura sabbia, mi sono sentita come una mimetizzazione semovente.

Ho acquistato questi pantaloni un po' di tempo addietro, quando sono stata in città per incontrare D. Sono di sicuro tra i pantaloni più comodi che possiedo. Potrei indossarli tutto il tempo e in effetti quasi lo faccio. Adoro che al giorno d'oggi non sia solo accettato indossare questo tipo di pezzo, ma anche chic e "à la mode". Capiamoci, mi piacciono le mie gonne lunghe femminili e non mi sento fuori luogo quando le indosso, ma questo è lo stile con cui oggi mi sento a casa. Capiamoci, con questo non voglio dire che normalmente io indossi cose che non mi piacciono.

Avete già visto in precedenza gli tronchetti, la sciarpa, la pochette e il maglioncino.

Und da bin ich schon wieder mit Khaki, dieses Mal sind es Hosen. Kombiniert mit den sandfarbenen Pullover und Schuhen, fuehle ich mich wie eine wandelnde Camouflage Installation.

Die Hosen habe ich gekauft, als ich mich das letzte Mal mit der lieben D. in der Stadt getroffen habe. Und ich kann Euch sagen, die sind super super bequem. Ich koennte die die ganze Zeit tragen. Was ich auch fast mache. Finde es klasse, dass es heutzutage nicht nur toleriert wird, das man solche Hosen traegt, sondern es sogar stylish und schick geworden ist. Nicht falsch verstehen, ich liebe meine Roecke und Kleider und fuehle mich nicht wie ein Fisch ausserhalb des Wassers wenn ich sie trage, aber das hier ist ein Stil, in dem ich letzten Endes so richtig zu Hause bin. Nicht dass ich irgendwas hier trage in dem ich mich nicht wohl oder ich selbst fuehle. Nur so am Rande.

Die Stiefeletten, den Schal, die Clutch und den Pullover kennt Ihr bereits von frueher.

Khaki chinos, sand colored v-neck sweater, beige studded ankle boots, studded clutch, heart print scarf || Camouflage Colors - Relaxed in Khaki Pants; Funky Jungle, #fashion & personal #style blog

Black & White picture wearing chinos, v-neck sweater, studded ankle boots, studded clutch, heart print scarf || Camouflage Colors - Relaxed in Khaki Pants; Funky Jungle, #fashion & personal #style blog

Khaki chinos, sand colored v-neck sweater, beige studded ankle boots, studded clutch, heart print scarf || Camouflage Colors - Relaxed in Khaki Pants; Funky Jungle, #fashion & personal #style blog

Wild posing for my #ootd - khaki chinos, sand colored v-neck sweater, beige studded ankle boots, studded clutch, heart print scarf || Relaxed in Khaki Pants; Funky Jungle

Khaki chinos, sand colored v-neck sweater, beige studded ankle boots, studded clutch, heart print scarf || Camouflage Colors - Relaxed in Khaki Pants; Funky Jungle, #fashion & personal #style blog

Khaki chinos, sand colored v-neck sweater, beige studded ankle boots, studded clutch, heart print scarf || Camouflage Colors - Relaxed in Khaki Pants; Funky Jungle, #fashion & personal #style blog

Beige studded ankle booties || Funky Jungle, #fashion & personal #style blog

Khaki chinos, sand colored v-neck sweater, beige studded ankle boots, studded clutch, heart print scarf || Camouflage Colors - Relaxed in Khaki Pants; Funky Jungle, #fashion & personal #style blog

Outfit Sources

Pants / Pantaloni / Hosen - H&M *exact* - fancy splurge option
Sweater / Maglioncino / Pullover - H&M (old)
Shoes / Scarpe / Schuhe - Deichmann (old) - fringed open toe option
Clutch / Pochette - local (Made in Italy)
Scarf / Sciarpa / Schal - H&M (old)
Earrings / Orecchini / Ohrringe - market

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Saturday, 16 May 2015

14 Easy & Stylish Spring & Summer Dresses

I don't know about you, but for me wearing dresses comes more natural when it is warm and I don't need to wear tights or long sleeve shirts below and at the most a light weight jacket above. In a nutshell: I like when I am dressed with just the dress. So naturally with this comes that in summer I buy more dresses than in winter.

14 easy and stylish budget friendly summer dresses || Funky Jungle, #fashion & personal #style blog

In my wardrobe you'll find dresses I splurged on and dresses I thrifted. For me a good dress has to have stripes have a fairly simple and classic overall cut so it will resist as much as possible the change of fashion fancies. At the same time, I want it to have something, however small, that makes it particular in the sea of dresses. Of course, never say no (absolutisms are out), sometimes it is the "not classic cut" that makes it special and at the same time set to endure.

Non so voi, ma per me indossare vestiti viene naturale quando fa caldo e non devo mettere collant o maglie a maniche lunghe sotto e magari una giacca leggera sopra. In poche parole: mi piace quando sono vestita solo col vestito. Come conseguenza, in estate acquisto più vestiti che non in inverno.

Nel mio guardaroba potete trovare vestiti per i quali ho fatto la spesa pazza e altri dove sono rimasta parsimoniosa. Per me un buon vestito deve avere le striscie avere un taglio semplice e classico in modo da resistere al cambiamento dettato dalle mode del momento. Allo stesso tempo, voglio che abbia qualche caratteristica, per quanto piccola, che lo faccia emergere dal mare dei vestiti comuni.

Ich weiss nicht wie es Euch geht, aber mich zieht es eher zu Kleidern, wenn es warm ist und ich nicht unbedingt Strumpfhosen/Leggins plus Langarmshirt darunter and hoechstens eine leichte Jacke oder Cardigan darueberziehen muss. Um es kurz zu sagen, ich mag es wenn ich nur mit Kleid schon bekleidet bin. Daraus resultiert dann natuerlicherweise, dass ich im Durchschnitt im Sommer mehr Kleider kaufe.

In meinem Kleiderschrank findet Ihr KLeider, die sogenannte Investitionen waren (d.h. etwas mehr gekostet haben) und Kleider die ich auf dem Flohmarkt gefunden habe. Und alles dazwischen. Ein tolles Kleid muss fuer mich Streifen haben einen relativ einfachen, eher klassischen Schnitt haben, damit es die Meinungsaenderungen im Modebereich ueberdauert (oder in 3 Jahren wiederkommt). Zur selben Zeit muss es aber auch etwas Besonderes haben, das es aus der Masse hervorhebt. Und weil man ja niemals nie sagen sollte (Absolutismen sind out) , manchmal ist es dann doch der "nicht einfache Schnitt" der das Besondere macht.

Here are my favorite budget friendly picks of short summer dresses from Romwe:

Striped budget friendly dresses
1. Striped Dress w flared skirt & contrast hem || 2. Multicolor striped slim shift dress || 3. Vertically Striped Straight Scoop Neck Dress || 4. Vertically Striped Tank Dress  || 5. Contrast Hem Shirt Dress || 

1. Asymmetric Pleated Dress || 2. Neon Color Block Shift Dress ||
 3. Mint Leaf Print A-line Dress || 4. Eye Print T-Shirt Dress

1. Vertical Striped Organza Shirt Dress || 2. Navy Ruffle Sleeves Dress || 3. Exotic Floral Print Dress || 4. Swan Print Polo Shirt Dress || 5. Boho Style Tribal Embroidery Dress || 

You can find many more dress options here.

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*This post was sponsored by Romwe, but I picked the dresses.*

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Funky Jungle Approved - My 9 Fashion & Wardrobe "Must Haves"

I've promised you that I would present you with my personal list of "must haves". Now, consider that this list is written from the perspective of the mother of a very active boy, who doesn't work in an office with dress code, who works from home most of the time and that doesn't have to attend fancy parties weekly.

Great post about wardrobe "must haves" from the perspective of a mother that often works from home: Funky Jungle Approved - My 9 Fashion & Wardrobe "Must Haves" | Fashion & Personal style blog

All of the things listed below I consider worthy of splurging on, that is investing in quality, because I need these to stay with me a long time and they will be (well are) worn often, but of course, if you are a thrifty bargain hunter I am sure you'll find good quality version at decent prices. Never thrifted before? Check out my tips for clothes thrifting.

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Sharks, Khaki Knit & Allergies on Mother's Day

Here is what I wore on Mother's Day for lunch at my in-laws. Not many (or very good) pictures as I was suffering from a medium allergy attack that day. If you look closely you can maybe see that the eyes are smaller and more tired looking than usual, although I trashed the worst pictures. Of course. I'm all for authenticity but one doesn't have to exaggerate.

Military green shirt dress, shark clutch, striped hoop earrings and roses || Sharks, Khaki Knit & Allergies on Mother's Day - Funky Jungle, fashion & personal style blog

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Back from the Orion - Black Shift and Knee High Boots

I've rewatched "Raumpatrouille - Die fantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffs Orion" ("Space Patroul - The fantastic adventures of the starship Orion") not too long ago, which prompted this look. Yes, sometimes I like to play dress up when I am getting dressed up. Deep inside I'll always be the nerdy, geeky, awesome girl that wants to end up on a spaceship, no matter how much style polish I put on top.

Wearing a black shift dress, knee high boots, patterned tights. A look inspired by the cult tv series "spaceship orion" || Back from the Orion - Funky Jungle, fashion & personal style blog

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Why & How to: The Editorial Calendar You Cannot Ignore

Originally I had a different topic planned for part 2 of this series, and then another again, but I am nothing if not flexible. Thanks sticky notes!

Both changes of mind came about after reading the comments on the first thread "5 Things that helped me become a better blogger". It seems that the editorial calendar was and is a bit of a sticky (hah!) point for many. It certainly was for me.

Post on why and how to set up a big wall editorial calendar for blogging, for all those who couldn't get notebooks to stick || Why and How to: The Editorial Calendar You Cannot Ignore | Funky Jungle, fashion & personal style blog

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

SS15 Temperley London

Admittedly I've never been a fan of bodycon dresses, but I used to wear tighter tank tops and t-shirts. This started to change quite some time ago, lately however, I am even more all about loose cuts, flowy materials, comfort and feeling unrestricted while maintaining a certain silhouette and aesthetics, especially for my personal wardrobe. In fact I've stocked up with a couple of loose (tank) tops for summer.

Monday, 4 May 2015

Links a la Mode April 30th

Links à la Mode: April 30

SPONSOR: Shop Style at Shopbop: Ruby Mint, Rollie shoes, Beyond Yoga, Golden Goose shoes, Line Dry, A.V. Max, Mulo, Lace Flats, Tie Neck Blouses & Metallic Pumps

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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Tokyo Rock Love - Quite Casual Layering

This is the sweater I've talked about a lot on social media recently. Love the baby blue color. The writing on the front says "Tokyo Love", which, unfortunately, isn't entirely clear from these pictures. Next time I take outfit photos with this sweater on, I'll make sure I'm in the shade. The tank dress below has been bought, I admit it, because of its capacity to be a kick ass layering piece. It also is a kick ass layered piece, as it has a chiffon layer under the jersey one.

Baby blue sweat shirt, tank dress, scuba leggings, biker boots || Tokyo Rock Love - Quite Casual Layering | Funky Jungle, fashion & personal style blog

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Mother's Day - What to get your Mother

Well. really, I wouldn't know. I've never met your mother. But here are some things I would love to get from my son. In a few years maybe. Right now I am happy with smiles and huggles... Ah, come on, who am I kidding, I'll always be happy with smiles and huggles. And then there are some things my mother would love to get.

I am a huge fan of thoughtful gifting, original gifting, but I am also a fan of gifts that are actually making the receiver feel all warm and fuzzy. So sometimes, original isn't the best idea.

A not entirely serious gift guide || Mother's Day - What to get your Mother | Funky Jungle, fashion & personal style blog

Friday, 1 May 2015

Sparkle and Mirrors - Sequins for Sunday

We had a wonderful Sunday about two weeks ago and we used the occasion for a little Sunday family trip to the Lake. This was the first time this year I wore short sleeves, with sequins nonetheless, for some extra sparkle in honor of the sun. Unfortunately by now, adhering to April's un-predictiveness, we are back to long sleeves and jacket. Brrrr. 

Sequin Shirt, Grey Skinnies, Black Bag, Mirror Sunglasses at Iseo, Lake Iseo | Sparkle and Mirrors - Sequins for Sunday, Funky Jungle, fashion & personal style blog

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