April's Favorite Five - What I loved last month

My favorites from April. Basically these are the five things I've engaged with the most, in a positive way. Things and products that were a regular part of my life during the last month.

My 5 Favorite Things from the Month of April

1. #Girlboss

I realize I am late to the party, but I just now read #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of Nasty Gal, a large online fashion retailer. The book left me divided. I overall liked it, but sometimes the tone and the narrative itself made me think "bitch please". This however might come from the translation, and not actually be Amoruso's fault, as I've read her book in German. At any rate, like her style or not, there's a lot of practical, down to earth wisdom and inspiration to be gleaned from this book, from her story. Unconventionally done conventional advice. Would have wished some more in depth about some points, but overall it's been a good (and quick) read and I certainly took something away from it.

2. Marc Jacobs Skinny Logo Bangle

During the warmer months I frequently ditch the rings and opt for bracelets instead. For one because short sleeves leave a lot more room to show off pretty arm candy than long ones. And for another because when it gets really warm, my fingers start to gain half a ring size, making it at times a real drag to wear rings. Despite that, this trinket was still sort of an experiment because I used to shy away from overt displays of logo, but I think it was a full success. I've been finding to wear it A LOT. It just goes with about any kind of outfit, from more sophisticated to casual summer looks. I am actually thinking about getting it in the black & silver version too.

3. Tokyo Love & Essie "Go Ginza"

I've been tweeting and talking on Facebook about these two already. You can see me wearing the sweater in this post. And the lovely pastel pink Essie shade "Go Ginza", that reminds me of cherry blossoms, has been one of my go to shades this spring. One thing to note however, don't grab this nail polish when you are in a hurry. It'll be a disaster. Mark my words. Otherwise it's beautiful. Great light shade if you don't want to do full on white.

4. Alterra Eyeliner & Make Up Factory "Dream Eyes" Mascara

Alterra is the bio decorative cosmetics home brand of the german drug store chain Rossmann. I have this eyeliner in a beautiful metallic blue called 08 Ice. The mascara is from the brand "Make Up Factory" which I believe is in Germany only available at Mueller drugstores. No idea about other countries, sorry. I have the "Dream Eyes" mascara and am very happy with the overall effect it has on my lashes. I have used both of these a lot, I especially like to use the mascara when I know we'll be shooting outfit pics.

5. Green Asparagus

I apologize for not including it in the picture. Or maybe not. At any rate, since the end of April they've been back in stores and back on my plate at least once a week, but more often twice as one pack is enough for two meals for me and I'm pretty much the only one eating them here at Casa Funky. I love them! I also love the white ones, but the green are a lot easier to prepare if you are a little lazy like me. Most of the times, when preparing them as side dish, I stay real simple and only boil or steam them, but you can also use them for a lot of other things, like Risotto for example.

I realize that two points have actually two items, but that's because for me they go together, I've used them mostly together.

What were your favorites in April?

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