Mother's Day - What to get your Mother

Well. really, I wouldn't know. I've never met your mother. But here are some things I would love to get from my son. In a few years maybe. Right now I am happy with smiles and huggles... Ah, come on, who am I kidding, I'll always be happy with smiles and huggles. And then there are some things my mother would love to get.

I am a huge fan of thoughtful gifting, original gifting, but I am also a fan of gifts that are actually making the receiver feel all warm and fuzzy. So sometimes, original isn't the best idea.

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An Amazon Gift Card

Both my mother and I read a lot. But she has an absurd amount of books and not living close there's no way I could keep track. Heck even she doesn't always remember. This is where the *Amazon Gift Card* comes in. This way I am gifting something she'll love (a book, in a round about way) without risking that she already has it or won't be interested in reading it.

The latter happened once with my father. I don't think he ever touched that book even tho it was on a topic he loves and is very passionate about. But you see, he's a magazine beholder, not a book reader. So just in case a book isn't what they want, Amazon has a huge, okay, endless selection of other products. It's also something I make them (my family) gift to my husband on Christmas. They are happy because they are gifting something and he's happy because he can pick for himself and doesn't have to pretend he absolutely loves what is going to die of boredom and old age in his closet.

Something that tells me you know me very well

For me that would be something nerdy most likely. Star Wars is good. Star Trek is almost better. And I've been having a Soft Kitty shirt on my wishlist for the longest time. 

For my mother, that could be ehr a book, or a cat something (however I don't think the Soft Kitty T-shirt would fly). Or something cooking related. An interesting cook ehr book, or special raw ingredients. I could create a little basket with typical Italian specialties, for example. That's always welcome at "Casa FJ Mom".

Talking about cook books, when amazoning "cook book" the first result was: Thug Kitchen: The Official Cookbook: Eat Like You Give a F*ck - Best name for a cook book ever! And it's a Bestseller! Even Gwyneth Paltrow seems to love it. 

Something Cute

I am, we all know, not the most girly girl but even I like cute stuff. In appropriate doses of course. So you could get me something cute, but not too cute.  A simple pastel striped pillow case  would be fine. A pink one with lace & ruffles right out of Vintage Barbie's town house wouldn't be. And the chevron striped one in Funky Jungle colors just wasn't sweet enough.

A cute new cat figurine is always a fall back option to gift my mother, although I try not to use it too often because she already has so darn many! 

Not into house decorations? Well, if she likes journalling, some cute stationary might be an idea. If she likes cooking, how about a cute new apron instead of another cook book? And if you have to ask whether something is cute, it probably isn't.

Something to make me feel pretty

Could be something overlapping with "something cute" of course. Could be a scarf or a necklace or a pair of earrings, but it could also be something more along the line of bath, body & beauty products, like a gift card to the beauty salon or a gift basket full of make-up articles if she likes this kind of thing. Note of advice here, don't gift bright pink lipstick if she's not Dolly Parton wearing none or only nude colors. I kind of think that this is not the time to go too much "outside of the box".

And talking about necklaces, some years ago we gifted my mother a pearl necklace, which I think she maybe wore once. It is now used to decorate one of her favorite cat figurines. I guess that's just as well, what do you say?

Something that makes us spend time together

Living far away from my mother, time spent together is always far and in between. If for some reason you cannot spend a lot of time with yours, this could be a valid option. A trip to the cinema, a lunch date, a visit to the Spa just to name a few. Get creative in accordance to what your mother likes to do. If she isn't very much into movies, a trip to the cinema might not be the best thing since sliced bread (which, by the way, isn't the best thing) but there really is no shortage of alternatives. For example, my mother likes art, so a trip to an art exhibition could be a good idea.


If all else fails, flowers are a good fall back choice. Personally I prefer planted ones that I can then tend to and make grow and prosper instead of cut flowers.

What I'll get my mother? I send a postcard. The real present will follow end of the month when my parents come down here for a visit. Because no need to adhere to "rules" about gifting when we talk about people we love. Unless your mother is totally into rules. Or you don't actually like her.

And to all you mothers out there: Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

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