Funky Jungle Approved - My 9 Fashion & Wardrobe "Must Haves"

I've promised you that I would present you with my personal list of "must haves". Now, consider that this list is written from the perspective of the mother of a very active boy, who doesn't work in an office with dress code, who works from home most of the time and that doesn't have to attend fancy parties weekly.

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All of the things listed below I consider worthy of splurging on, that is investing in quality, because I need these to stay with me a long time and they will be (well are) worn often, but of course, if you are a thrifty bargain hunter I am sure you'll find good quality version at decent prices. Never thrifted before? Check out my tips for clothes thrifting.

Funky Jungle's Fashion Must Haves

1. A Striped Anything

Now here's a surprise.... tell me you did not see this one coming.

Let's face it. Stripes are just the everything. They go with everything and you can wear them for any occassion. So for me, having something with stripes is a must have. Personally I have several simple long sleeve jersey tops, a blouse, two button down shirts, two dresses (one you can see here).

Stripes have been a timeless classic ever since. And I mean ever since. Want to know more about stripes in history? Here is a brief article from the N.Y. Times, excerpted from The Devil's Cloth - A History of Stripes

2. A pair of good, action resistant jeans

I won't define the form, as in saying they must be skinny, or flared, or boyfriend, or bootcut or straight, or whatnot, as that one has varied for me over the years. Today I am all for skinnies and boyfriends, but tomorrow I might change my mind. However, a good pair of jeans, not distressed, can take you almost everywhere, from the playground to the office (preferably dark wash) to the party.

P.S. Can be worn with a striped top.

3. A Full Midi Length Skirt

Full skirts are wonderful. They don't tie you in. You can run in them if needed. The midi length is a great length for any age and most modesty settings. If the waist is high enough you can easily style them with a crop top, at any age. I have several full and/or midi skirts (see me wearing them here & here & here) and I love them all, especially in summer, but depending on the material they can be worn easily all years as they look good with sweaters too.

By the way, anything said above goes for culottes too. I mentioned in this post that they essentially are styled very similar to full or flared midi skirts.

You can also wear a midi skirt with a striped top. Here are some options for a variety of budgets.

4. A Pair Stylish Flats or Sneakers

Did I mention I am the mother of a very active boy? I have to be able to dash at a moments notice if needed. So having a pair of stylish & comfortable go to flats and/or sneakers is a must-have. My current favorites are these. The material turned out to be suprisingly soft and pliable and they have perfectly adapted to my foot. I can wear them for hours.

5. A Medium Sized Satchel or Tote Bag with zipper 

Whilst I actually prefer mini bags, as I love to travel light (especially when walking my son to kindergarten; hands free and light weight are pure win here) I do admit that there are times when I need a little bit more room. Having one timeless medium to large sized satchel or tote bag that goes easily with any kind of outfit is a must have for me. Personally, I prefer bags I can fully close, but I know a lot of women dig shoppers & open totes. Besides fully closable, I also want my bags to have a shoulder strap.

No must have color, I have one in black that I will need to replace sometime soon, one in blue, one in cow and my backpack.

6. A Shirt Dress

For me this is a must have staple. It's a type of dress that can easily go from day to night, from casual to dressed up. Just look for a version that isn't made out of the cheapest polyester fabric and maybe slightly fitted. I realize this is out of league for most of you, but here is a beautiful example of what I mean (a slightly more budget friendly version). I've have several times worn shirt dresses for outfits that made it onto the blog. What I'mean missing here, but what I actually do a lot is pairing them with leggings and flats in summer or boots in winter.

7. A Pair of Black Pants

I think everyone should have one pair of black pants that have a fairly classic cut, made out of great (looking) material. By that I mean material that won't pile or wash out easily, retains its shape and looks quality. 

This is a piece that will serve you well and often. Whether you wear them with a t-shirt for a casual look, with a fitted blazer for a more office aprobriate outfit or a mix between casual & chic, black pants are super versatile.

These too can be worn with a striped top.

8. Fancy Socks

At least one pair there of. Of course you know that my collection has more than one pair. I just love the look of slightly or not so slightly rolled up pants with the socks peeking out. Fun, fancy or cute socks give an instant bit of unexpected sass to even the most mundane outfit, especially in winter when you often wear the same coats. I wouldn't know what to do without my socks.

9. Attitude

Having the right attitude and confidence is everything. Without it, if you are not feeling what you are wearing, anything will look crap. You must feel at home within your clothes and within your skin. With the right attitude, you can pull off the most head turning looks with ease and it won't look out of place or character. Unfortunately - or Fortunately depending on your point of view - Confidence is not for Sale

So these are mine. Now tell me, what are your very own fashion must haves?

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