Pound Cake - Funky Jungle's Favorite Cake Recipe

This is another very simple, but always loved dessert recipe with my family. You can whip it up in no time at all and you will have it eaten in no time at all, especially if some people have differing ideas on how large a normal slice is.

Another thing I love about this cake recipe is its versatility. And of course you know that versatility is a big pro thing in Funky Jungle Land.

Funky Jungle's favorite pound cake recipe - quick, easy, delicious & versatile || Funky Jungle

You can add any topping you want. You can add any flavour you want. You can make it marmorized by stirring in some cocoa powder after you are done preparing the dough. You can add pieces of fruit. The possibilities are endless. You can go all Gusteau on this cake!

It's not a diet cake for sure. You could possibly replace the standard flour with gluten free one.



125g Flour
125g Corn or Potato Flour
200g Sugar
250g Butter
4 Eggs
Pinch of Salt
1 teaspoon Baking Powder

Couple drops of Lemon Juice for flavor

Optional: Rum and/or Vanilla. I've also done Orange Juice in the past.

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That's really your choice. I used chocolate here, but you can just sprinkle some powdered sugar on top.


Leave the butter at room temperature until it is soft, then cut in small pieces and put it into a bowl. Add the sugar and Vanilin sugar and mix it well. Add one egg after the other and always stir well, it is recommended to mix the mass for about 2mins in between adding eggs. Now add the lemon juice (and vanilla etc if you opt for it). Mix the flours and baking powder and add them, one tablespoon at a time, always mixing well in between.

When everything is a nice yellow, fluid but not overly liquid mass, put it into a baking form that you either prepared with paper and/or with butter (I dunno, I never use the paper and it works out fine)

Bake at around 165-185° C (330 - 365°F) for 60-70mins. May need adjustment depending on oven.

Near the end of the baking time, use a thin long something (like a metal skewer needle) to poke the cake. If some of the dough still sticks, bake it some more minutes.

After baking, put it upside down on a cake rack and let it cool down. Once cooled, add the desired topping. Your creativity is the limit.

And by the way, you can find the recipe for the cookies in the picture above here.

Buon Appetito!

P.S. My father loves to eat this with jam or Nutella on top of his slice...

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