5 Ideas to Style Summer Trends on a Budget

Today I'm having my first ever guest post here at Funky Jungle, a contribution from Chloe.

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Summer trends you can pull off for less

Summer is the time when we feel like we could walk around wearing only our swimsuits and drinking cold lemonade all the time. However, staying stylish and looking good go high on our list for the
summer, and it can be a problem if you decide to go on a shopping spree only to discover that the
lighter (and cuter) the pieces you like, the more money you need for them. Luckily, you can find
alternative ways to stay stylish and follow summer trends without having to break the bank.

Bold prints

Summer is all about fruit, and this season’s trend is definitely some really bold prints on everything:
shorts, dresses, skirts, and shirts; you name it. What you can do is get a silk scarf (it doesn’t have to
be silk, of course) with some crazy, eye-catching print on it, and tie it around you in a different way so you get a shirt, a turban, or a dress. Easy way to stay stylish and save some money at the same time, get busy and try to learn to tie a scarf in as many ways as possible, so you can wear your favorite print in more occasions.

Backless dresses

Backless dresses and shirts are really hot this summer, and celebrities are here to confirm. No need
for you to fret about the dresses, for you can easily make them yourself. Simply add a bra in front
and sew it in. Use your old bras so you don’t have to ruin your new ones; sew it in and feel free to
wear your perfect backless dress stress-free.

Experiment with makeup

Summer makeup should be oil-free and simple, but there should still be something on your face
when you go out. Because of high temperatures and danger of sweating it all off your face, read the
labels carefully and find makeup without oils. The best option is to use natural, mineral makeup,
because its ingredients should not melt. Walk around the store and read a few labels, and
afterwards compare prices to find which would be the best choice for you. Sometimes a label which
is not advertised as much can work just as well as a famous (and expensive) one.


It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see that lace is everywhere you look: shorts, skirts, dresses, and
accessories; everything has some lace in it or on it. This year Valentino showed some really beautiful
dresses on a runway, and the girls loved it. In order not to spend a fortune on a lace piece of clothes,
there are some easy and fun ways to upgrade your old pieces into a fashionable new ones by adding
lace. If you don’t feel like sewing or spending a lot on intricate lace pieces, try to shop at Swap, or
any other consingment store, and see if you can find anything you like for less money.

Intricate details

This summer, it’s all about pearls and glitter everywhere, so you can try and make some pieces by
yourself. Buy pearl necklace, break it apart, and then sew them onto something else. There are even
pearl flip-flops and sandals which are very popular and which you can easily make yourself simply by sewing pearls and sequins onto a piece of material which you can glue to the flip-flops later and voila
– a true masterpiece!

As you can see, if you have skillful fingers and some patience, you can quite easily replicate
expensive trends for way less money. Of course, if you don’t feel like sewing all day long, browse
through a few second-hand stores; they have amazing pieces and amazingly low prices. You never
know what you’ll find, and be prepared to be amazed!

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