5 (+1) Reasons Why Shopping Your Closet Is Good

"Closet Shopping". The idea that you approach your wardrobe with the eyes of someone who would step into a store to buy an outfit. You could also call it Closet Re-evaluation, since you are reconsidering what you already own. Ideally, you combine it with a shopping break to get the maximum effect out of it. I've always found it beneficial to do closet evaluation sessions fairly regularly to keep a good grip on what you have and make sure your wardrobe changes as your style evolves.

5 Reasons Why Shopping Your Closet on a regular basis is good | Funky Jungle

5 Reasons Why You Should Regularly Shop Your Closet

1. You Save Money

Duh. The obvious no brainer. Of course reusing what you already have is going to save you the money not spent on new clothes. It also might save you money in the future because you realise that you actually already have enough tops and even ones that fit into current trends.

2. You Can Get Creative

You can explore your creativity by creating new outfits and wearing things together you didn't before. Or wearing things in a not standard way. Being creative does not only mean creating some tangible work of art in the standard sense we've come to understand. Dressing yourself can be creative as well. Being creative really just means that you create something. Make that something a prettier, cooler, etc You with things you already have.

And if you are feeling constantly uninspired to create outfits from what you have, it might be time for a Wardrobe Purge, a Style Reorientation and a Rethink of Your Shopping Habits.

3. You can learn a lot about your personal style

Expanding on the above, by going through your own stash, you can learn a lot about what you actually like, or rather not so much. I would advise to discard stuff you find to feel very meah about time and time again. There are certainly days when I don't feel like wearing X or Y, but if I always feel like not wearing it, well it's gotta go. If it stays, it will just block my decision making capacity. It will just be a nagging, energy hooking non-thought.

Knowing what kind of things / styles are making you feel bleargh will help you hone your own personal style. That musn't be restrictive to one or two labels, but I think we all have things that just aren't vibing with who we are or want to be.

4. You can rediscover lost treasures

Maybe you are going to rediscover a piece and fall in love with it all over again, like the day you bought it. Sometimes, we buy something because we really love it and it's worth breaking the rules, but then we have nothing to go with it. And it becomes a closet corpse. Until one day, we are going to find it's perfect counterpart. Or that it is the perfect counterpart. During a closet shopping session

5. You can learn to appreciate what you have

Sometimes we get so caught up in the shine and lure of "new" and must-have, that we forget to truly value what we already have. We think we have nothing, because we cannot truly see it, but we really have a lot.

That's not to say I don't like shopping, or adding new things to enhance my wardrobe & personal style, but I think it is beneficial to pause every so often and realize all that is already there. And if what is there doesn't thrill you, then maybe it is high time for a change.


6. You are being more sustainable

By not buying so many new items because you've learned what all you have, how you can use it in new creative ways and appreciate it with different eyes, you will not be adding to the ever growing landfill of tossed fad clothing.

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