D.I.Y. Tutorial - Twisted Double Chain Necklace & Bracelet

This is another really easy and fast jewelry D.I.Y. that requires little other skill than being able to hold a pincer. And maybe not even that, as I actually could have opened all of these rings by hand thanks to the pliability of the material.

I've actually done both of these items over a year ago already, but since I had to replace the clasp of the necklace, I figured I could as well take pictures for a tutorial whilst doing so.

This quick & easy jewelry D.I.Y tutorial shows you how to make a twisted chunky chain necklace and bracelet | Funky Jungle - fashion and personal style blog

You've seen me wearing both of these on the blog before, for example here & here & here.

Materials needed for a twisted double chunky chain necklace and/or bracelet | D.I.Y Accessory Tutorial

Materials needed

- 2 different colored chains, ring size of your liking, made up of openable jump rings.
- 1 pair of pincers
- 1 clasp each
- 1 additional small jump ring each


1 chain should be around 42 cm long, the other slightly longer. As you can see from the pics, my silver chain is about 5 jump rings longer than the gold one. The extra bit is for adjustable necklace length. You can of course vary both the total and the adjustable lengths to fit your needs and creativity.


Measure your wrist to find out what length you need. I have very slim wrists (most standard size bracelets love to fall off) and usually go with about 18 cm.


1. Lay out both the chain pieces you need. Pry open the jump ring at one end of either chain (it really doesn't matter) and join the chains together. Close the jump ring tightly. You now have one long chain made up of two different colored chains.

2. Wrap the shorter chain tightly around the longer one.

3. Pry open the last jump ring of the shorter chain and attach it to the larger one, leaving the adjustable length as desired.

4. Attach the clasp to the other end, where you first joined the two chains together, using the smaller jump ring.

5. Enjoy!

I used two different colors of the same chain, but you could of course use the same chain, or two different types of chains, for example one being chunkier than the other, and so forth.

Want to attach some charms? No problem, just use another small jump ring and attach them where you fancy.

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