Fashion Find - Ikwetta

Today I want to introduce you to Ikwetta, a brand that sells handmade goods from Africa.

I've been approached by Sheeni, one of the founders of Ikwetta, to share and help promote their project, which helps artisans from Africa to earn a good wage for their beautiful handmade goods, thus empowering them and helping  them make their lifes better.

To learn more about it, here's a short video.

I am happy to support this project, their project, because with the simple step of having a broader (and let's face it, wealthier) market for their products, these people can transform their lifes. They can go from Caterpillar to Butterfly, because it's not just a one time aid, but something that will continue to support them and their families. It's not a handout, but an energy exchange where they now simply get more energy for their craftsmanship.

Currently Ikwetta is running a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds for building a proper workshop. All the products sold by Ikwetta are handmade.

Besides beautiful sandals, their range inlcudes also colorful totes, clutches and crossbody bags. If you pledge your money towards their Kickstarter Campaign, you have the choice between several options ranging from a simple bracelet over a color coordinated set of sandals, bag and clutch all the way up to having an entire collection designed for you.

If you toyed with the idea of getting a new pair of sandals or a beach tote, please go & take a look at Ikwetta and consider whether one of their products could be thoroughly loved by you.

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