Fashion Find - Rebecca Minkoff Active Wear

In my recent post about my not anymore brown belt, you've seen a picture of me in the traditional karate gi that we wear during our practice. Yes, even in summer. Even when it's 35+ °C outside and you sweat just watching others move.

So, whilst I have to wear the "traditional" white gi when practicing Karate, I do love to wear fancy sporty outfits - or more sophisticated, active wear - for going to and from the gym where we train. Especially in summer. It just adds to the feel of doing some physical activity, if you know what I'm saying. Besides nothing beats active wear in being comfortable. Am I right? Well maybe some pajamas do...

Since very recently, Rebecca Minkoff added an active wear collection to their range. Kept in black, white and silver, they basically had me at the space gilet. I also really like the white tank and the white quilted slip on sneakers. It's a collection with a minimal and futuristic vibe, and anyone who knows me knows that this is right on my wave length. I define my own personal style, for the most part, as "sophisticated tomboy meets quirky space lady".

You can find the Rebecca Minkoff Activewear collection at Shopbop.

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