May's Favorite Five - What I loved last month

The round up of my Top 5 Favourite Things from the month of May.

1. Distressed Boyfriends & Khaki Pants

May was the months of enjoying highly comfortable pants. You've seen the ripped up jeans here and the khaki pants here respectively. Secretly, that is outside of outfits shared on the blog, I've worn them both A LOT more. I doubt it is just me, but as the temperatures raise, my tolerance for skinny jeans or other tight pants wanes. Give my skin room to breathe! Options from slightly to heavily distressed boyfriend ... jeans...

2. The Max&Co Shark Clutch

So I actually bought this in late April, but I've started using it in May, so I'll count it here. It's blue and it has sharks on it. What's there not to love? I absolutely adore it. Fun fun. And an attention piece. Goes with many different styles and adds some pattern to the mix.

3. Catrice Matt Mousse

This one is on it's way out, since it is too light colored to be used as a summer foundation, but I've loved it since I bought it at Christmas, it's been my go to foundation for which I abandoned the Kiko Compact Powder one. I might go back to the Kiko Powder as it's a bit darker, or just head out and shop for the next new thing. Not sure yet. At any rate, it gets a spot on this list because I really liked using it and I m just saying good bye for a couple of months. I've been using Catrice Matt Mousse in Light Beige

4. Going barefoot

One of my favorite things about warm weather is going barefoot wherever possible. I blame my karate practice for this re-found love of being shoeless. There's just something magical about having your own soles touch the ground.... until you walk into glass. Unfortunately, one has to be a bit attentive with this, people toss all sorts of things randomly on the ground (I wonder, do they do that in their living room as well?) instead of bringing it to the nearest trash can. Plus asphalt can get really, really hot. But at home? Barefoot all the way!

5. Amarena Icecream

It's hands down my favorite, and it got finally hot enough that not only could I walk barefoot, I also actually wanted to eat icecream. Thus I've been enjoying my first couple of servings. Besides simply amarena icecream, I also love a good Coppa Amarena, filled with delicious amarena cherries and amarena sauce. Myam.

Currently reading: The Art of War - Break through blocks and win your Inner Creative Battles by Stephen Pressfield. I'll let you know how I liked it once I'm done.

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