Friday, 31 July 2015

Links a la Mode, July 30

Every Thursday  the "Independent Fashion Bloggers" publish a list of 20 links selected from the submissions they've received during the week on their Facebook site. Once more I've had the honor to be among them. And I'm in very good company. Here's this weeks Top 20 for your reading pleasure.

Links à la Mode, July 30

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Parco Sigurtà

The second day trip we did during my parents visit to our corner of Italy was to a park again. What can I say, I have a six year old active boy who doesn't fancy slowly walking through museums inspecting everything without actually touching it.

Parco Giardino Sigurtà is located south of Lake Garda. It is quite large and it's a bit of walking doing it all by foot. Infact my poor mum was exhausted afterwards. I'd been there before, but I didn't remember it to be that big, because back then we crossed the park with the little train that brought us to the tent where our friends' wedding party was held. Yes, you can do a tour of the park by train. You can also rent bicycles or electric mini cars by the hour. And you can hold your wedding with style and a vibe of nobility there.

Casual look and leather backpack for visiting Parco Giardino Sigurtà

The park is popular with families (but not only) for obvious reasons. Besides fancy flower arrangements, ponds etc, it has large curated grass areas where you can sit down, establish base camp and your kids can run off to play. It also has a didactic farm, where you can learn about the common farm animals. Personally I cannot go anywhere near there (allergies), but I figure it's great for kids. What striked me was the fact that despite the park being quite full because it was an official holiday here, it was also clean. If you ever go on holidays at Lake Garda, consider a visit to this park for a change of pace.

I was dressed for casual action, wearing my beloved khaki chinos, a very loose top and the gladiator/slave sandals. And if you are out all day and have to carry a bag, which includes at least a small bottle of water, a backpack is always a good idea. The hair was ... well ...

Red leafed tree

Der zweite Tagesausflug waehrend des Besuches meiner Eltern in unserer Ecke Italiens fuehrte uns wieder in einen Park. Was soll ich sagen, ich habe einen sechsjaehrigen Sohn, der es gar nicht so unterhaltsam findet langsam durch ein Museum zu laufen und auch wirklich nur mit den Augen und nicht mit den Fingern zu schauen.

Der Parco Giardino Sigurtà liegt suedlich und nicht unweit vom Gardasee. Es ist ein recht grosser Park, und alles zu Fuss abzulaufen ist schon ein netter Spaziergang. Meine arme Mama war am Ende ganz geschafft. Ich bin zwar schon einmal in dem Park gewesen, konnte mich aber nicht erinnern, dass es so viel war, wahrscheinlich auch, weil wir damals die Tour mit dem Parkzug gemacht haben bis hin zu dem Zelt wo unsere Freunde Ihre Hochzeit feierten. Ja, in dem Park kann man eine Tour mit Zug machen. Oder aber Fahrraeder und diese kleinen elektrischen Autos die man von Golfplaetzen her kennt stundenweise mieten. Oder eben seine Hochzeit mit Stil und einem Hauch von Adliger Atmosphere abhalten.

Der Park ist aus offensichtlichen Gruenden sehr beliebt bei Familien (aber nicht nur!). Hoert hoert. Neben huebschen Blumenbeeten, Seerosenteichen und so weiter gibt es riesigen Grassflaechen (englischer Rasen) wo man sich hinsetzen und dann einfach mal die Kinners rennen lassen kann. Ausserdem gibt es im Inneren des Parkes noch so einen didaktischen Bauernhof. Ich selbst gehen ja nicht in die Naehe (Allergien) aber ich kann mir vorstellen, dass das fuer Kinder toll/interessant ist. Was mich am meissten erstaunt hat, war das der Park, trotz der grossen Menschenmenge - wir waren an einem nationalen Feiertag dort - sauber war. Falls Ihr mal Urlaub am Gardasee macht und etwas anderes sehen wollt, den Park kann ich empfehlen.

Ich selbst war sehr "casual" und aktionsbereit angezogen. Chinos in khaki, ein uebergrossen Top mit Belueftung, meine Gladiator-/Sklavensandalen. Ja und wenn man den ganzen Tag unterwegs ist, aber eine Tasche braucht, wo dann noch mind. eine kleine Flasche Wasser drin ist, dann ist so ein Rucksack eine feine Sache. Die Haare ... naja ...

Il secondo viaggio fatto durante la visita dei miei genitori nel nostro angolo d'Italia era ancora in un parco. Che posso dire, ho un bambino di sei anni molto vivace, a cui non piace molto camminare lentamente in un museo guardando ogni oggetto senza provare a toccarlo.

Il Parco Sigurtà e situato a sud del Lago di Garda. È piuttosto grande e percorrerlo tutto a piedi è una bella camminata, infatti la mia povera mamma era piuttosto stanca quando siamo usciti. Io c'ero stata in precedenza, ma non ricordavo fosse così grande, dopotutto avevamo preso un trenino che dopo un breve giro panoramico ci aveva accompagnato ad una struttura dove si è tenuto il matrimonio di un amico. Già, si può fare il giro turistico con un trenino, si possono noleggiare biciclette e auto elettriche. Si possono anche organizzare matrimoni di classe e l'aria di nobilità.

Il parco è meta molto gradita per le famiglie (ma non solo!) per ragioni piuttosto ovvie: a parte le aiuole fiorite molto belle, i laghetti, ecc. ha grandi aree erbose molto ben curate dove è possibile sedersi per riposare o semplicemente come campo base mentre i figli corrono e giocano. Ha inoltre una fattoria didattica dove si possono vedere molti dei comuni animali da allevamento. Personalmente non posso neanche avvicinarmi, causa allergie, ma è bellissima per i bambini. Ciò che mi ha colpito è stato che nonostante il parco fosse piuttosto affollato per il giorno festivo, era allo stesso tempo veramente pulito. Se pensate di andare in vacanza sul Lago di Garda, considerate di visitare questo parco.

Ero vestita casual, indossando i miei chinos kaki, un top molto comodo e i sandali da gladiatore/schiava. Se dovete uscire e star fuori tutto il giorno portando una borsa, con almeno una bottiglietta di acqua dentro, uno zainetto è una buona idea. I capelli ... eh ...

Parco Giardino Sigurtà, Veneto, Italia

Sitting at the Pond, pondering

Standing at the water lilies pond

A gateway between trees

Pink & white water lillies

Herb garden and lion's statue at Parco Sigurtà

My feet, mint nail polish and gladiator sandals

Little palm tree forest

Climbing pink roses

Me and a ball
Of course I took off my shoes at some point. That grass!!! Heaven below your feet.

This post is part of the Blogger Parade "Italy" organized by Tina in the Middle.

The other participants are:  27.7.2015 Elena & Maria || 28.7.2015 Lisa - Lebens Lounge || 29.7.2015 Michelle - Beautiful Fairy & Tina - Tina in the Middle || 31.7.2015 Hanna - Written in Red Letters ||

Dieser Post ist Teil der Bloggerparade "Italien", die von Tina in the Middle organisiert wurde

Die anderen Teilnehmer sind:  27.7.2015 Elena & Maria || 28.7.2015 Lisa - Lebens Lounge || 29.7.2015 Michelle - Beautiful Fairy & Tina - Tina in the Middle || 31.7.2015 Hanna - Written in Red Letters ||

Wuerde mich freuen wenn Ihr den Maedels einen Besuch abstattet!

Outfit Sources:

Khaki Chinos - H&M
Top - Mango Outlet (old)
Sandals / Sandali / Sandalen - Maledetti Toscani (old) --- *cute budget option*
Backpack / Zainetto / Rucksack - Gift --- *similar*
Necklace / Collana / Halskette - Fair
Bracelet / Braccialetto / Armband - D.I.Y --- bracelet tutorial here
Sunglasses / Occhiali da Sole / Sonnenbrille - H&M

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Sunday, 26 July 2015

Heatwave Style, Day X - Black Jumpsuit

Woohoo, we've made it to the other side! On Friday the wind changed direction and temperatures have dropped considerably since, with the additional help of a nice little thunderstorm. So now I'm actually not feeling like a cooked vegetable anymore.

Today's outfit however is (still) a heatwave compatible date night look. Once again we have a bustier top, but a covered belly. I actually wanted to wear the jumpsuit as is, with the zipper closed, but too dang hot. I hope I'll get the chance at some point because I adore it.

Black AQ/AQ jumpsuit with crossed backstraps, Ikwetta clutch

Friday, 24 July 2015

Animal Print at Lago d'Idro

Last Sunday we tried to escape the heat here in the Pianura Padana by spending the day at the lake. Since neither me nor my son have ever been to Lake Idro - Lago d'Idro, we decided to drive there.

Lake Idro is a mountain lake in the Italian Alpes in Brescia Province. It's certainly less known than it's bigger brothers Lago di Garda, Lago Maggiore, Lago di Como, Lago d'Iseo, but it has it's very own charm. My husband told me that at some point, after the village Vesta (yes like the roman goddess of the hearth) the mountains arrive steep directly at the lake border. Unfortunately we didn't make it that far because our son felt a bit sick from the drive along winding mountain roads, so we stopped at the first beach pretty much.

Giraffe Print Tee, Black Skater Skirt, Studded Bag & Mirror Sunglasses for a trip to Lago d'Idro || Funky Jungle, fashion & personal style blog

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

June's Favorite Five - What I loved last Month

Time for the monthly Top 5 Favorite "Things" round up.

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sexy Back - Striped Dress And Fancy Sandals

We are in the grip of a major heatwave here in Italy, or as some people say "a summer how it should be". I don't agree, as I feel at my best between 20°-30° C. Anyway, I sure as all wanted to wear as little as possible lately.

This dress was sitting in my shopping cart for the longest time, as I waited for the sales and as soon as they came around, I pounced. It's perfect for really hot and humid days, as it's not only sporting an ample open back, but is also made from 100% linen. The only thing that's a bit uncomfortable is the knot on the back when sitting in the car.

Thursday, 16 July 2015

5 Things About Blogging I Wouldn't Have Believed Before I Started

... or "The Unexpected Side Effects of Finding Your Passion". Or "Some things you have to experience before you fully understand them instead of just storing the information."

5 Things I Wouldn't Have Fully Believed About Blogging Before I Started

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A little Something Something

"... with a little something something from Donna Karan in my luggage"

I've read this phrase (or a very close version there of) many years ago and I don't actually remember who said it, but it stuck with me and ever since then for me a piece of designer wear is "a little something something". A special treat.

Sunday, 12 July 2015

That Grey Clouded Leopard Again - Outfit Quickie

I've been, admittedly, out of the loop with outfit pictures this past week. First because I was away and then, this weekend my husband was away on a camping trip with our son.

So here's another one from the archives. You've already seen me wearing this leo print dress in winter, here it is in a late spring version. And you can find a tutorial for the bracelet I'm wearing here.

Leopard print shift dress, comic shark print clutch, butterfly socks and heeled sandals | Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog

Saturday, 11 July 2015

Summer Solstice - Tie Dye Maxi & Gladiator Sandals

The day of the Summer Solstice, when day and night time are of equal length and the Sun ingresses into Cancer, I just spent doing pretty much nothing but enjoying the day at a slow pace. Gosh I was so tired from the day before when I did my black belt exame.

I put on my new fancy tie dye maxi dress I found at Shopbop Sales. Let me tell you, it's beautiful, lovely to wear and it was marked down 70%. Definitely worth taking a look. Dang, I said that recently already ... But you agree that the dress is beautiful, yes?

So I wore this maxi dress and my gladiator (or slave or whatever) sandals for lounging on the terrace, sunbathing, water pistol duels and grabbing an ice cream in town. It was perfect for each of these, and would have worked just as well going for a pizza in the evening. Going to say it again, a good maxi dress is worth having in your wardrobe.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Links a la Mode July 2


As I read through the submissions for this week, I couldn’t get the music of George Gershwin’s Summertime from Porgy and Bess out of my head. With each post of Summer Fashion, the lyrics would start over, “Summertime, And the livin’ is easy…” So, IFB Bloggers, I suggest back ground music this week as you click through these inspiring links. {My favorite Summertime rendition is performed by Billie Holiday}

Monday, 6 July 2015

Back in Town - Denim Dress & Crop Top

I'm back from my little annual karate get-a-way since yesterday late afternoon. And I've been greeted by a wall of heat down here in the Pianura. Not motivational for leaving vacation mode just yet.

Here I'm wearing a denim shirt dress that I thrifted last summer. Love that you can easily leave all the buttons open and just wear a crop top or bustier below.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Just Hanging Out - Black Maxi Dress & Wu-Tang Tee

Usually I/we do outfit shoots on the weekends. During the week both me and my husband are plenty busy with one thing or the other, so adding this isn't necessary when you have Saturday and Sunday, unless something comes up. Which means sometimes outfits are actually a little bit older.

When I wore this look it was not near as hot as it is now, no way I'd wear the shirt on top of the dress today. Plus it was also a day when there was nothing special planned, so this is a kind of outfit I'll wear for hanging out. In the house, with my son in the park, running simple errands. Although, considering it, I could have worn this going to a party ... many years ago.

Black Maxi Dress worn as skirt, black tee with gold Wu-Tang print, yellow Converse High Tops | Just Hanging Out - Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog

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