Just Hanging Out - Black Maxi Dress & Wu-Tang Tee

Usually I/we do outfit shoots on the weekends. During the week both me and my husband are plenty busy with one thing or the other, so adding this isn't necessary when you have Saturday and Sunday, unless something comes up. Which means sometimes outfits are actually a little bit older.

When I wore this look it was not near as hot as it is now, no way I'd wear the shirt on top of the dress today. Plus it was also a day when there was nothing special planned, so this is a kind of outfit I'll wear for hanging out. In the house, with my son in the park, running simple errands. Although, considering it, I could have worn this going to a party ... many years ago.

Black Maxi Dress worn as skirt, black tee with gold Wu-Tang print, yellow Converse High Tops | Just Hanging Out - Funky Jungle, fashion and personal style blog

That black maxi dress is one of my wardrobe staples, and I think having a simple black maxi in your closet will serve you well, as it is a very versatile piece. Here I've styled mine very casually, but the same dress becomes an evening piece if I take off the tee and add some fancy accessories.

And Converse are never wrong for that kind of look.

Di solito io/noi facciamo le foto per i miei outfit nel weekend. Durante la settimana sia io che mio marito abbiamo il calendario piuttosto pieno, non è necessario aggiungere altre cose da fare, se non è proprio necessario.

Quando ho indossato questo look non faceva ancora così caldo. Adesso di sicuro non metterei una maglietta sopra il vestito. In più non era una giornata dove avevamo dei piani speciali, quindi questo è un outfit per stare in casa o andare al parco col bambino, fare qualche commissione, ecc.

Questo vestito lungo nero è uno dei pezzi più "must" nel mio guardaroba e penso proprio che avere un abito maxi semplice in nero sia molto utile, perché è un pezzo di grande versatilità. Qui il mio lo indosso in modo molto casuale, ma può facilmente diventare un look da sera se toglio la maglietta e cambio scarpe e gioielli.

Normalerweise machen  wir die Fotos fuer meine Outfits am Wochenende. Unter der Woche haben sowohl ich auch als meine Mann den Kalender schon gut gefuellt, da muss man nicht unbedingt auch noch das mit reinnehmen, ausser es erweisst sich aus dem einen oder anderen Grund als notwendig. Da passiert es dann, dass das eine oder andere Outfit eben schon etwas aelter ist.

Als ich diesen Look anhatte, war es noch nicht so heiss wie zur Zeit. Heute wuerde ich auf keinen Fall noch das T-shirt ueber das Kleid ziehen. Ausserdem hatten wir an dem Tag auch nichts besonderen vor, das hier ist ein Outfit was man bzw ich anziehe um einfach nur "abzuhaengen", zu Hause, im Park mit dem Sohn, einfache Erledigungen erledigen.

Dieses schwarze Maxi Kleid ist ein richtiger Eckpfeiler in meiner Garderobe und ich denke mit einem *einfachen schwarzen Maxi* kann man nix falsch machen, da ist einem gut gedient mit, das ist einfach ein vielseitig einsetzbares Stueck. Hier eben sehr casual und bequem aber das Kleid wird auch ganz schnell ein Look fuer den Abend, mit anderen Schuhen und Schmuck.

Sitting on the floor chillin with my maxi dress and band shirt

Wu-Tang gold print band tee, yellow all stars, black maxi dress | Funky Jungle, fashion and style blog

Hanging out. Wearing a simple maxi dress, yellow converse all stars with flap turned over, Wu-Tang band shirt | Funky Jungle - From Caterpillar to Butterfly

Casual fashion

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Converse All Stars - Anywhere - but just how cool are these Eiffel Tower & Sunflower ones?
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