Monday, 31 August 2015

What to Wear For A Wedding - The Town Hall

This week I got to attend two weddings, both times the same couple. They first got married officially in the town hall on Wednesday and then this Sunday they re-did the ceremony plus had the actual festivities with relatives and friends.

Grey Hooded Mini Dress and Blue Heels

For the town hall wedding I wanted a slightly more subdued look, because it was a pretty low key event. Which is why I picked the mouse grey hooded dress. You've seen me wearing it before, last year, for a walk through the city. Paired it with fairly simple heels and the same clutch I've already used back then in combination with this dress. I like the pairing, because the clutch brightens the dress in a nice, contrasting but not too loud way.

So yes, basically I wore the same outfit only with different shoes, but hey if it works. I used to think I had to be always different with my looks, and when I was still going out each weekend to the clubs, I'd never been seen wearing the same thing twice in a row. Nowadays I don't see anything wrong with that anymore. Almost no one notices anyway. I'm probably a pretty weird fashion blogger.

"You will never be more (or less) than you are naked"


Diese Woche durfte ich auf zwei Hochzeiten tanzen... vom gleichen Paar. Das erste Mal haben sie offiziell zivil auf dem Standesamt, bzw. im Rathaus geheiratet und diesen Sonntag wurde die Zeremonie dann wiederholt und die Hochzeitsfeier mit Verwandten und Freunden abgehalten.

Fuer die Zeremonie im Rathaus wollte ich einen eher zurueckhaltenden Look, da das Ganze im kleinen Kreis abgehalten wurde. Weshalb ich mich fuer dieses mausgraue Kleid entschieden habe. Ihr habt mich letztes Jahr schon einmal in diesem Kleid gesehen, fuer einen Spaziergang in der Stadt. Kombiniert wieder mit sehr einfachen Schuhen und der selben Tasche wie damals. Mag diese Kombi, die Clutch hellt das Kleid schoen auf ohne dabei laut zu sein, finde ich.

So hmm ja, eigentlich hatte ich das selbe Outfit an. Ist auch okay so. Funktioniert ja. Gab mal eine Zeit, wo ich dachte ich muesste immer irgendwie was anders machen mit meinen Outfits, Und als ich noch regelmaessig clubben ging, haette man mich nie zweimal hintereinander mit denselben Sachen gesehen. Heute ist mir das ziemlich wurscht, weil eben nicht wichtig. Faellt sowieso fast niemandem auf. Bin wahrscheinlich einer der seltsamsten Fashion Blogger der Welt.

"Du bist nie mehr (oder weniger) als das, was Du auch nackt bist"

Outfit Sources:

Dress / Kleid - Beatrice B. (old)
Shoes / Schuhe - Buffalo London
Clutch / Tasche - Mango Outlet (old)
Rings / Ringe - "Special Magic Item" & Gift

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Transition Fashion - From Summer to Fall, Casual Style With Glam Option

It's less then a month until Fall is officially upon us here in the Northern Hemisphere and whilst it is still warm here, days are starting to get shorter (notably so, by now) so it is time to start considering transition fashion. That's a very fancy word for saying add a layer in form of a light jacket when evenings and mornings get chilly. Or put on a long sleeve top.

I've had our first taste of this during the last week of my holidays in Germany, when the temperature dropped to around 20°C during the day. You could easily go short sleeve, but it wasn't that hot anymore and the evenings where noticeably cooler.

Transition Style - Casual outfit with w touch of glam to go from summer to fall

Splendid Thermal Cardigan | "Make Magic Happen" Tee | Splendid Khihel Tote | Joe's Jeans Slim Ankle Boyfriends | Bensimon Tennis Piping Sneakers | Adia Kibur Bracelet Set | Badgley Mischka Mitzi D'Orsay Peep Toe Pumps |

This look is totally up my alley as far as casual style goes. Something to feel instantly comfortable in. Graphic tees are my kryptonite, remember? It is also something I selected with versatility and longevity in mind. All of these are items you can wear over and over and over again as well as combine them easily with different pieces of clothing to create other looks.

And I love how the change of shoes will totally change the vibe of the outfit. It'll still be a casual look, but a lot more glam with the silver high heels. Dressing boyfriend jeans up with heels is one of my favorite style "clashes".

By the way, I actually got that shirt, just in time before September comes around.

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Thursday, 27 August 2015

I Packed My Suitcase - After Holiday Ramblings

So I've talked about the fact that this holiday was quite the transformer for me and I wanted to explain you all a little bit more about that. Life is constant change, growing, renewal, so I welcome this as a new part of the journey.

This year, I had packed even less for our summer holidays in Germany, thus ended up doing a great deal of repeat wearing. From some of the snaps on Instagram you could see that I was pretty much in these jeans/pants/that black skirt & tee/tank top/blouse for the duration

Sunday, 23 August 2015

These boots ... - More Holiday Fashion

When you are reading this, I'm going to be back home already. It was a great holiday, but so much to churn through in terms of insights and what happened. I feel like I've shed some old skin. Thanks a lot lot to everyone who has read and commented on my last posts, even if I haven't been very active on the internet in the past two weeks.

Here I am at Kaiserslautern, another very old german city, dating to the 9th century with the right to hold a market and collect toll fees and gaining serious traction when Emperor Friedrich I Barbarossa remade the castle into a so called Pfalz, as this area was supposedly one of his prefered hunting grounds. Back then, the little river Lauter was still integral part of the settlement.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Medieval Fashion - Gräfenstein, Merzalben

This is something that I absolutely adore and I frankly don't get to do enough when I'm back in Italy. What I'm talking about? Going dressed up to Medieval events, markets, fairs. I love the atmosphere that you find and experience there. The folks that are participating are usually very open and friendly people. And if you are dressed up, you are just more naturally a part of it. To that end, I also prefer the smaller ones, where it is more easy to have contact and conversation.

This year I also kinda got stopped in my tracks hard there, at the first one I visited, by chance, but the jury is still out as to what exactly the results will be. I just know that there will be changes. It is inevitable. But what is life, if not a series of changes. And continously growing and expanding.

Monday, 17 August 2015

Holiday Fashion - Blue Pleated Ruffles Dress

A day late and a Dollar short.

You have once again not seen very much of me, but I've had a good reason. I went on to enjoy my holidays and make a lot of hands on experiences and memories. That's how it should be, non? Live a life worth talking about.

Blue sleeveless dress with ruffles & pleats

Here I'm at Worms, a city nearby where my parents live and which you've seen snippets of before. The pictures where taken near the Martin Luther momument, dedicated to the events that happened here in Worms some 500 hundred years ago.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

How to Wear a Midi Skirt Across the Seasons

I admit that I was very skeptical about midi skirts at first. Maybe because the most common version of skirts ending around (or slightly below) the knee seen on the street until a couple years ago where those granny style. You know, those straight skirts in dark, drab colors older ladies where doomed to wear (and thank heavens that's changing). Then there was this idea floating around that midi length anything makes smaller people look stumpy.

But oh was I wrong.

Tips & Tricks on How To Wear a Midi Skirt

Turns out, that length is actually perfect for me, despite not being the tallest chick in the zone. Because it really is all about proportions, fit and creating illusions. Let's for example say, that your lower legs are proportionwise much slimmer than your thighs. With the right skirt length (and form) you will trick people into thinking your legs are all the way like that because they'll fill in the rest and never know that there isn't the thigh gap (not that it is important whether it's there or not, just making a point).

Some tips on wearing midi skirts:

- Mind the proportions of your body when choosing the right shape. I'm a bit of a pear with a touch of hourglass and fare better with high waist full skirts or at least slightly flared ones. If you are an even hourglass, a pencil loungette could be a real killer. If you are an apple, maybe better to pick a lower sitting skirt. But none of this is set-in-stone rules. Material & cut can change the game.

- Small pleats often add volume to the bum. In fact, pleats in general like to do that, so mind where they are on the skirt, even if there's just a few bigger ones. Depending on your shape, this added volume can either be heaven or hell.

- Determine the best length according to your legs. for me it ranges from ever so slightly above until just below the knee where the calves start. Mid calf is not really a good one for me.

- Balance the silhouette with the top, if needed create shape with an added belt

- High heels can elongate the body, we all know that, so if in doubt, do that. It can make mid calf work for me. 

- Screw it all because the skirt's just so pretty. A good amount of attitude is needed here.

Here are some example on how I styled my midi skirts for all seasons:

A Flower Field in Winter

Some Kind of Palm Leaves

Romantic Floral Midi Styling
Romantic Floral Midi 

A Floral Midi Remix
Yes I Love Blue - A Floral Midi Remix

Because I'm Happy - Midi Skirt & Yellow Statement

Midi Skirt Sources:

Flower Print Midi - Zara
Black Jaquard Midi - Romwe
Palm Print Midi - H&M

All other details can be found in the original posts

Shop Midi Skirts at Shopbop -

Please check out my guest post "On Street Style" I did for Ada over at Elegance & Mommyhood!

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Monday, 10 August 2015

I'm not Blue - Palms, Butterflies & Royal Colours

Blue. It's by far my favorite color. But what shade is it, anyway? A lot of times, when talking about colours as layman, there's a lot of, let's call it confusion. Let's take khaki for example. I've seen it used for everything from a sandish to olive green. And apparently there's two (three) shades of blue that can be considered so called Royal Blue

While doing that bit of research, I stumbled upon a butterfly called the Whitened Bluewing and I thought it fittet perfectly with this look. And my tagline. So I'm going to dedicate this outfit to the Whitened Bluewing, or Myscelia Cyaniris.

Just a random summer look, but the pants are a really cool find from the sales. I'm very happy with them. Light, breezy, great print & color combination, easy to throw on and go. Much love. As much as you can have love for an object. That's to say, I currently enjoy wearing them.

By the way, talking about colors, I re-colored my hair. Mo' red.

Blau. Bei weitem meine Lieblingsfarbe. Aber welche Schattierung ist das nun? Oft wenn man ueber Farben redet, kommt Konfusion ins Spiel. Man denke da nur mal an Khaki, das irgendwie von sandfarben bis olivgruen alles abdeckt, je nachdem wen man fragt. Und so wie es aussieht gibt es auch 2-3 Farbtoene, die als Royalblau durchgehen.

Waehrend ich das recherchierte, bin ich auf den Schmetterling gestossen. Und dachte, der passt doch super. Sowohl zum Look als auch zum Blog. Deswegen widme ich dieses Outfit diesem blau-weissen Schmetterling.

Ist auch wirklich nur ein gewoehnlicher Sommerlook, aber die Hosen waren ein ganz cooler Fund im Schlussverkauf. Bin ich sehr zufrieden mit. Leicht, luftig, tolles Muster, klasse Farbkombination. Einfach anziehen und fertig. Viel Liebe. Sofern man fuer ein Objekt Liebe empfinden kann. Will ja auch nur sagen, ich fuehl mich momentan beim Anziehen sehr wohl.

Und da wir gerade von Farben reden, habe meine Haare nachgetoent. Mehr Rot.

Outfit Sources:

Top - Mango Outlet --- similar
Culottes - H&M --- exact / similar in black+white
Shoes / Scarpe / Schuhe - Le Spezie --- similar
Orange Bracelet - Mango
Heart Bracelet / Braccialetto / Armreif - Kate Spade via Shopbop c/o --- more Kate Spade bangles
Bag / Borsa / Tasche - Urban Outfitters

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Thursday, 6 August 2015

D.I.Y. Tutorial - Layered Necklace

Layered necklaces are very on point stylewise at the moment, so I thought I show you quickly how to do one. This one here I made for my sister and it has more than one pendant, but you can skip the extras and just attach one per chain or whatever you fancy. In the most simple version, this too is extremely easy and fast to do.

D.I.Y. Tutorial for a stylish layered necklace | Funky Jungle blog

You need:

- 2 pieces of chain in different length and if you want different styles
- 1 clasp of your choice - here I used a lobster clasp
- 2 jump rings of same size
- 1 short piece of chain (2-3cm) or several more same size jump rings
- several head pins depending on the amount of beads / charms
- pliers & cutter

1. Attach the two pieces of chain to two of the jump rings. Lay them out parallel whilst doing this, make sure the chains are not twisted.

2. Attach the clasp to one end of the now double chain

3. Attach either the short piece of chain or several jump rings to the other part of the double chain to make the necklace length adjustable.

P.S. I should have made sure it didn't lay out twisted whilst taking the pic haha.Fail. It really isn't so.

4. Attach charms as per liking to either of the chains of the layered necklace

4a. To attach the beads I took one of the head pins and pulled it through. Then clipped it off at about one finger width of length. Use the round plier to shape the metal in the way pictured above. Re-open it a little bit and attach where you want to have it. For my necklace it went into the middle. 

5. Repeat step 4a until satisfied with the appearance of your necklace. Some charms can/have to be attached with jump rings instead of head pins. Adjust your "needed" list accordingly. As you can see, I added several more beads on either side of the faceted one.

6. Enjoy your unique, personalized layered necklace

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Untold Stories

Today I have for you  some random images that I haven't published anywhere before 
and some fitting fashion shots. Velvet is a magazine that unfortunately isn't printed anymore. I absolutely loved it and continue to draw inspiration from the issues I still have.

Kenzo SS15 Campaign
Wall decoration above my desk
Barbara Bui SS15
Snap from the Stage - all sweaty and stuff
Editorial from an old Velvet Issue ca. 2008
Japanese Beer Kirin Ichiban
Fashion Editorial from Velvet ca. 2008
Necklace I made recently
I have no idea whatsoever
Fashion Editorial from Velvet ca. 2008
Tempio Romano Brescia
Tempio Romano Brescia

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