D.I.Y. Tutorial - Layered Necklace

Layered necklaces are very on point stylewise at the moment, so I thought I show you quickly how to do one. This one here I made for my sister and it has more than one pendant, but you can skip the extras and just attach one per chain or whatever you fancy. In the most simple version, this too is extremely easy and fast to do.

D.I.Y. Tutorial for a stylish layered necklace | Funky Jungle blog

You need:

- 2 pieces of chain in different length and if you want different styles
- 1 clasp of your choice - here I used a lobster clasp
- 2 jump rings of same size
- 1 short piece of chain (2-3cm) or several more same size jump rings
- several head pins depending on the amount of beads / charms
- pliers & cutter

1. Attach the two pieces of chain to two of the jump rings. Lay them out parallel whilst doing this, make sure the chains are not twisted.

2. Attach the clasp to one end of the now double chain

3. Attach either the short piece of chain or several jump rings to the other part of the double chain to make the necklace length adjustable.

P.S. I should have made sure it didn't lay out twisted whilst taking the pic haha.Fail. It really isn't so.

4. Attach charms as per liking to either of the chains of the layered necklace

4a. To attach the beads I took one of the head pins and pulled it through. Then clipped it off at about one finger width of length. Use the round plier to shape the metal in the way pictured above. Re-open it a little bit and attach where you want to have it. For my necklace it went into the middle. 

5. Repeat step 4a until satisfied with the appearance of your necklace. Some charms can/have to be attached with jump rings instead of head pins. Adjust your "needed" list accordingly. As you can see, I added several more beads on either side of the faceted one.

6. Enjoy your unique, personalized layered necklace

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