Holiday Fashion - Blue Pleated Ruffles Dress

A day late and a Dollar short.

You have once again not seen very much of me, but I've had a good reason. I went on to enjoy my holidays and make a lot of hands on experiences and memories. That's how it should be, non? Live a life worth talking about.

Blue sleeveless dress with ruffles & pleats

Here I'm at Worms, a city nearby where my parents live and which you've seen snippets of before. The pictures where taken near the Martin Luther momument, dedicated to the events that happened here in Worms some 500 hundred years ago.

After his thesis of 95 points was nailed to the church door in Wittenberg (but rumor has it, it really was in circulation long before that within church circles and this is just an anecdote) and created a lot of waves, including some hearings, Luther was summoned in front of the diet of the empire and asked to renounce his teachings and he basically told them to eff off. The actual words where more polite than that, stating that he has to follow his conscious.

Along the monument are written the main points in which his teachings differed from the up to that point dominant (well only really) teachings of the roman catholic church.

Einen Tag spaeter und einen Euro aermer.

Wieder mal war sehr wenig von mir zu hoeren, aber ich hatte einen guten Grund. Ich habe naemlich meinen Urlaub genossen. Und Erfahrungen gemacht und Erinnerungen gesammelt. So wie es sein sollte, oder? Ein lebenswertes Leben leben ... hmmm.

Hier bin ich in Worms, am Martin Luther Denkmal, zum Gedenken der Geschehnisse rund um den Reichstag von 1521 wo Luther dazu aufgefordert wurde seinen Thesen und Schriften (da gab es wirklich einen Haufen mehr als nur die 95) zu widerrufen. Tat er aber nicht, weil er es nicht mit seinem Gewissen vereinbaren konnte. Weswegen er mit der Reichsacht belegt wurde.

Red hair, blue dress, beaded sandals

In front of the tree

Looking at the sky in a blue dress

Sitting on the bench

At the Martin Luther monument in Worms

Martin Luther Denkmal, Worms, Deutschland

Martin Luther Monument, Worms, Germany

Outfit Sources:

Dress / Vestito / Kleid - H&M --- similar with pattern - cute longsleeve option
Sandals / Sandali / Sandalen - c/o Ikwetta
Bag / Borsa / Tasche - Mango Outlet --- similar - similar - similar budget
Bracelet / Braccialetto / Armband - Gift from my sister

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