How to Wear a Midi Skirt Across the Seasons

I admit that I was very skeptical about midi skirts at first. Maybe because the most common version of skirts ending around (or slightly below) the knee seen on the street until a couple years ago where those granny style. You know, those straight skirts in dark, drab colors older ladies where doomed to wear (and thank heavens that's changing). Then there was this idea floating around that midi length anything makes smaller people look stumpy.

But oh was I wrong.

Tips & Tricks on How To Wear a Midi Skirt

Turns out, that length is actually perfect for me, despite not being the tallest chick in the zone. Because it really is all about proportions, fit and creating illusions. Let's for example say, that your lower legs are proportionwise much slimmer than your thighs. With the right skirt length (and form) you will trick people into thinking your legs are all the way like that because they'll fill in the rest and never know that there isn't the thigh gap (not that it is important whether it's there or not, just making a point).

Some tips on wearing midi skirts:

- Mind the proportions of your body when choosing the right shape. I'm a bit of a pear with a touch of hourglass and fare better with high waist full skirts or at least slightly flared ones. If you are an even hourglass, a pencil loungette could be a real killer. If you are an apple, maybe better to pick a lower sitting skirt. But none of this is set-in-stone rules. Material & cut can change the game.

- Small pleats often add volume to the bum. In fact, pleats in general like to do that, so mind where they are on the skirt, even if there's just a few bigger ones. Depending on your shape, this added volume can either be heaven or hell.

- Determine the best length according to your legs. for me it ranges from ever so slightly above until just below the knee where the calves start. Mid calf is not really a good one for me.

- Balance the silhouette with the top, if needed create shape with an added belt

- High heels can elongate the body, we all know that, so if in doubt, do that. It can make mid calf work for me. 

- Screw it all because the skirt's just so pretty. A good amount of attitude is needed here.

Here are some example on how I styled my midi skirts for all seasons:

A Flower Field in Winter

Some Kind of Palm Leaves

Romantic Floral Midi Styling
Romantic Floral Midi 

A Floral Midi Remix
Yes I Love Blue - A Floral Midi Remix

Because I'm Happy - Midi Skirt & Yellow Statement

Midi Skirt Sources:

Flower Print Midi - Zara
Black Jaquard Midi - Romwe
Palm Print Midi - H&M

All other details can be found in the original posts

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