Monday, 28 September 2015

Saying Goodbye to Summer - Utility Shirtdress, Fringe Booties & the Jingle Boho Necklace

We can probably expect some more warm and sunny days still, but it's not quite enough anymore to heat up the whole day, or the shadows. And there has been a good number of cloudy days since the offical start of Fall here in Northern Italy. Sadly, it was also cloudy last night, and I didn't get to see the hyped Supermoon eclipse. Ah well, in 2033 I'll try again. Did any of you get to see it?

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Untold Stories - Summer Edition

It has been a very particular summer for me, one I won't forget for quite a while if ever. Here a couple more pictures. A little part of me is sad that they are so few, but the other part is glad that I just enjoyed the moments.

Watch Tower at the Celtic Village

Monday, 21 September 2015

What to Wear For a Wedding II - The Garden

Here now some pictures from the second wedding of the same couple, which was held in a restaurant with a very scenic, romantic garden attached to it.

I was wearing my go-to dress for weddings. It's been bought for attending a wedding many years ago and I've worn it for two other weddings since, plus this, makes four. Admittedly, it's pretty much the only time I wear it. The jacket is attached to it and putting it on is a bit of a hassle that doesn't quite vibe right with my innate love of simplicity. It's beautiful, mind, just not something I wear very often. Fact is, it's one of those dresses you keep despite all the rules & questions for good wardrobe maintenance.

I think it works well color wise as I hadn't had any problems with the color of the bride and whilst it is bright, it's not extremely flashy. Talking of colors, it's one of the very few things I own in "pink/fuchsia". The little jacket covers the shoulders and arms in case it is a bit more on the chilly side in regards to temperatures, or if you like it a bit more modest. It's also made out of a material thin enough to not get too hot. Alternatively, one could wrap a shawl around the shoulders.

Pink Polkda Dot Dress

The place is called Villa Giardino and if you want to see some more pictures, check out this post from December 2014. The food was great, I just wish wedding lunches weren't so damned long. Still, it was a very beautiful wedding in a beautiful setting and my best wishes to the happy couple.

I was doing a sort of photographer behind the scences.

Und hier jetzt ein paar Bilder von der zweiten Hochzeit des gleichen Brautpaares, welche dieses Mal in einem Restaurant mit romatischem Garten stattfand.

Ich trug mein Standardkleid fuer Hochzeiten. Vor Jahren fuer eben diesen Zwecke gekauft ist es ein treuer Begleiter auf weiteren Hochzeiten und jetzt eben dieser gewesen. Ist auch zugegebenermassed so ziemlich die einzige Gelegenheit bei der ich es trage. Das Jaeckchen ist oben an den Traegern des Kleides befestigt und erschwert das Anziehen doch sehr, was sich nicht so ganz mit meiner Liebe fuer Einfachheit vertraegt. Ich finde es toll, ist aber wirklich nicht etwas das ich sehr oft anziehe. Faellt in die Kategorie der Kleider die man behaelt obwohl es gegen Regeln & Fragen fuer gute Garderoben Instandhaltung verstoesst.

Die Farbe funktioniert bisher immer gut, hatte noch keine Problem damit in der selben Farbe wie die Braut aufzutauchen, was ja angeblich nicht so der Bringer sein soll (wer hat's erfunden?). Die Jacke bedeckt genug wenn es etwas kuehler ist, gleichzeitig ist das Material aber duenn genug, dass es nicht zu heiss wird darunter.

Das Restaurant nennt sich Villa Giardino und fall Ihr noch ein paar Bilder sehen wollt, koennt Ihr mal hier in diesem Post vom Dezember 2014 schauen. Das Essen war super, ich wuenschte mir nur, dass Hochzeitsessen nicht immer so endlos lang waeren. Trotzdem war es eine sehr schoene Hochzeit und ich wuensche dem gluecklichen Paar alles Gute.

Restaurant Garden with Olive Trees

Villa Giardino Paderno Franciacorta

Aperitivo Vegetariano
Aperitivo - I picked the vegetarian version

Statue in the Garden at Villa Giardino Paderno Franciacorta

Outfit Sources:

Pola Dot Dress / Gepunktetes Kleid - Max&Co (years old)
Wedge Espadrilles / Espadrilles mit Keilabsatz - Bata
Bracelets / Armreifen - Marc Jacobs Skinny Logo Bangle via Shopbop c/o
Rings / Ringe - Super Magic Ring & Gift
Smile - Alexandra

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Lago Moro - Casual As Casual Can Be

After the dinner outfit, now something which is quite the juxtaposition. The clothes I wore for a trip to Lago Moro where we went one Sunday for some walking. We actually travelled there by train & shuttle bus as opposed to car. I really enjoyed this. Somehow going by train it felt more like travelling instead of moving from the point of start to the point of destination, and preferably as quick as possible.

Lago/Lake Moro is a small lake in the Italian Alpes above Darfo Boario Terme in the Val Camonica and unless you are a resident up there, you aren't allowed to go up by car most of the time. Hence the shuttle bus. You can walk all around the lake, it's a fairly quick & easy hike. We did that and then stopped at the official bathing spot to hang our feet in the water for a bit. I definitely want to go back up there next summer for some actual bathing.

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Dinner with Friends and a Black Shirt Dress

When going out with friends for "a pizza" here in Italy, your dressing really doesn't have to be very formal or super styled, but of course, you still might want to look good whilst feeling good. Jeans and a nice top are perfectly fine, just glam it up a bit with shoes, jewelry or your handbag.

This time instead of pants I opted for this minimalistic black shirt dress that you've seen already here & here. I never actually feel overdressed when wearing it, even tho I wouldn't consider it "casual" per se. Minimalistic yes, casual as we understand it not so much. Still it's pretty carefree. Just great.

It was also one of the last really hot days here, now I'd definitely wear it like I did in the first look linked above, which was a pretty nice transitional option.

Wenn man sich in Italien mit Freunden "auf eine Pizza" trifft, muss man sich kleidungsmaessig nicht besonders rausputzen, selbst wenn man ins Restaurant geht. Natuerlich will man sich trotzdem gut fuehlen waehrend man gut aussieht. Jeans und ein schickes Top, ein bisschen Glam kann man mit den Schuhen, dem Schmuck oder der Handtasche hinzufuegen.

Dieses Mal habe ich mich anstatt fuer Hosen, fuer ein minimalistisches Hemdkleid entschieden, welches Ihr bereits hier & hier gesehen habt. Ich fuehle mich nie "overdressed" wenn ich es anhabe, obwohl ich es alles andere als informell finde. Minimalistisch ja, informell so wie man es heutzutage versteht eher nicht. Trotzdem ist es laessig genug. Einfach klasse eben.

Es war einer der letzten richtig heissen Tage hier, jetzt wuerde ich es eher so anziehen wie bei Link Nummer 1, das war ein ganz guter Uebergangslook.

P.S. My hair is that wild because I had to force it into some shape whatsoever. Bad hair day ya' know.

Outfit Sources:

Shirt Dress / Hemdkleid - Mango (old)
Shoes / Schuhe - Buffalo London
Bag / Tasche - local (made in Italy)
Necklace / Halskette - D.I.Y.
Earrings / Ohrringe - H&M (very old)
Leather Bracelet / Lederarmband - Keltendorf
Marc Jacobs Skinny Logo Bangle - Marc Jacobs via Shopbop c/o

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Saturday, 12 September 2015

Links a la Mode September 10

Links a la Mode is a weekly round up of fashion & style related posts submitted to Independent Fashion Bloggers on their Facebook site.

I am always happy when one of my posts is selected, because the links that make it to the final list each given week are always worth a read. Through this I've found many great blog posts that I probalby would have missed otherwise. So, please enjoy this week's round up.

Happy Reading and I hope you have a wonderful Weekend!

Links à la Mode, September 10
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Thursday, 10 September 2015

5 Ways to be more Sustainable with Fashion - The Closet Conundrum

Sustainability is a big buzz word these days. In a nutshell, it asks us to slow down consuming the ressources of the Earth the way we are at the moment in order to not destroy the planet. Be mindful of how and what you are using, whether it is food, clothing, transportation, etc. This doesn't equate to deprive yourself, but to making good & thoughtful choices about what to spend your money, time and energy on.

I'm in the process of reading "Wear no Evil - How to Change the World With Your Wardrobe" because this topic has long since interested me and if you've been following along for a while, you know it's been mentioned before here and there. For example, one of my reasons for "Why I Love Thrifting" was exactly that. Sustainability.

Monday, 7 September 2015

She's Wearing the Wild Life

Even tho I haven't sussed out all the details yet, I am pretty sure that these pants will become a major player in my future wardrobe. You remember them from here, and well I also got them in navy blue during the summer sales. At this point of my life, I could pretty much live in these two pairs. It's definitely a style of pants I'll be on the look out for. Remains to be seen how they'll work for winter, when skinny jeans and leggings are just such an easy layering piece.

That's also why I haven't touched my long sleeve button downs for clearing out yet, I want to see if I'll be grabbing them come cold temperatures. Besides, I'm currently on full stop regarding the purchasing of clothing, accessories, decorative beauty & useless nicknacks which will give me at least another three weeks to rotate through what I already own (more than enough) and see what falls by the side naturally.

The top I'm wearing here was also with me in Germany, you might have seen it on Instagram. Funny enough, I've been wearing it there with the aforementioned navy blue version of these pants. Never change a winning team. Or only ever so slightly. The scarf, well do you remember the "little something something"? This is it. Also been with me in Germany.

Obwohl ich noch nicht alle Details ausgearbeitet habe, bin ich mir ziemlich sicher, das diese Hose ein fester Bestandteil meiner reduzierten Guarderobe wird. Ihr erinnert Euch vielleicht von hier an sie und nun ja, ich habe sie mir im Schlussverkauf auch noch in dunkelblau zugelegt. An dem Punkt, an dem ich mit meinem Leben gerade bin, koennte ich in diesen beiden Hosen leben. Und es ist ein Hosenstil, nach dem ich auch in Zukunft Ausschau halten werde. Muss nur noch abwarten, wie sie sich im Winter tragen lassen, wenn doch Skinny Jeans und Leggings die einfacheren Lagen Optionen sind.

Das ist auch der Grund warum ich die Langarmhemden bis jetzt noch nicht angeruehrt habe beim Ausmisten bzw. Verkleinern. Moechte sehen, ob und was ich davon regelmaessig anziehe, wenn es kaelter wird. Letztes Jahr waren sie auf jeden Fall noch fester Bestandteil. Ausserdem bin ich zur Zeit mitten in meiner Shopping Fastenzeit, dass heisst ein paar Wochen keine neue Kleidung, Accessoires, dekorative Kosmetik oder huebschem, unnuetzem Kleinkram. Das gibt mir erst mal eine Weile die Gelegenheit mich durch das, was ich habe (mehr als genug) durchzutesten.

Das Oberteil das ich hier trage war uebrigens auch mit in Deutschland, vielleicht hattet Ihr das auf Instagram gesehen. Lustigerweise hab' ich es damals mit den oben erwaehnten blauen Hosen getragen. Niemals eine Gewinnerkombi veraendern. Oder nur ein klein bisserl. Der Schal, hmm erinnert Ihr Euch an das "Kleine Etwas"? Das hier ist es. War auch mit in Deutschland. Ihr seht, ich bin schon kraeftig am rotieren bzw. uniformieren.

Outfit Sources:

Chinos - H&M --- exact
Leopard Top - Tally Weijl
Leo Print Scarf / Leo Muster Schal - Kenzo via Shopbop c/o --- more awesome scarves @ Shopbop
Chelsea Booties / Chelsea Stiefeletten - Gabor via Peter Hahn c/o
Leather Bracelet Triskelion / Lederarmband Triskelion - Keltendorf
Leather Bracelet Peace / Lederarmband Peace - Gift from Sister
Metal Bangles - Marc Jacobs & Kate Spade via Shopbop c/o
Snake Earstuds / Schlangenohrstecker - Random Market
Snake Belt /Schlangenguertel - "Family Heirloom"

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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Favorite Five Summer Edition - July & August

Summer Favorites - Snake Belts, Trees, Icecram and more

1. Karate Weekend

Aww no, here she goes again with that Karate stuff. But seriously, that weekend was awesome. So much fun. And I loved being cut off from the Internet. There's no two ways about it, not having one part of your brain constantly attached to the www makes you enjoy the present moment so much more.

2. Hairstyling Gel

With the heatwaves in July, my go to hair style was a nut sized portion of gel worked into the barely towel dry hair and then let it finish drying with the air. Right now I'm using Taft Matte one but unfortunately, I couldn't find it anymore in Germany. So I had to get a replacement product. Decided to test the Alverde Styling Gel.

3. Icecream & Water & Fans

Well duh. With the hot weather we had around here during all of July, that one practically added itself to the list. Icecream for a little bit of insta cool with yum, water because you absolutely need to stay hydrated and a fan to get a bit of soothing cool air. Sleeping would have probably impossible without one. Yes, that's right, we have no AirCo.

4. Summer Holidays

My holidays were fantastic. Besides other plans, after the first weekend I pretty much went off the grid and it was like the best thing, way better than sliced bread, because instead of being "online" as much as I could, I actually went and made experiences and memories as much as I could.

5. Snake Belt

This belt turned up in my sisters "no longer used" clothing bag and it has become my go to belt, even tho it is a bit of a hassle closing it. I think I got a bit infatuated with it because I happened upon two live snakes within a short time frame and it was the first time ever I've seen the local ones. In all those years! If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen me with the snake belt.

6. Sisters

Much love to my two sisters S & D which unfortunately I only get to see twice a year. The Tigerseye Peace Pendant was a gift from one of them, from the other I got a perfume. And lots of swapped clothes from either. You've already seen me wearing one piece here.

7. Ikwetta Sandals

I've basically been wearing my Ikwetta Sandals when I had to put on shoes (because otherwise I just stayed barefoot) during the hot days. Another reinforcement for myself that "keep it small, keep it simple" works for me. You've seen me wearing them here.

8. Medieval Markets/Fairs

They are just so awesome, 'nough said. If you've never been to one, try to do it, especially if you have kids. I miss them so much here. You can see some pics here. And I hope one day I'll get to tell the full story of what happened this year. If I ever find a way to present it properly. The bracelet you see in the pic is something I've gotten from one some years ago.

9. Legos

Well not for me personally (I swear) but I'm just so happy that my son enjoys them and makes the most incredible, weird, abstract things with them. He's on his way to be a Master Constructor. In that regard, we/he especially like the Lego Creator Sets, but I think his secret aim is to become Lord Business. Talking of Master Constructors and Lord Business, if you've never seen "Lego the Movie" watch it. It's a great story and lots of fun. And it has Will Ferrell in it.

10. Trees

Well my last name actually is Tree, as the german word for tree is Baum. So I might have a natural affinity and feeling of kinship. Nonetheless, trees are all sorts of awesome. I just recently watch a documentary where it said that they even support each other when they stand in groups. And whilst I don't pretend that everyone needs to want to hug them, we kind of need their presence. So take care of the trees. In lieu of having my own Kindle (maybe Christmas!) I started to buy used books.

Currently reading: Wear no Evil - How to Change the World With Your Wardrobe

Next up: The War of Art - Break Through Blocks & Win Your Inner Creative BattlesThe Power of Now & many more

All Lego Creator items are currently deconstructed and turned into something else entirely, so I got the Firetruck to represent. The scarf is from H&M and has a constellation pattern, I couldn't say no to that one.

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