Favorite Five Summer Edition - July & August

Summer Favorites - Snake Belts, Trees, Icecram and more

1. Karate Weekend

Aww no, here she goes again with that Karate stuff. But seriously, that weekend was awesome. So much fun. And I loved being cut off from the Internet. There's no two ways about it, not having one part of your brain constantly attached to the www makes you enjoy the present moment so much more.

2. Hairstyling Gel

With the heatwaves in July, my go to hair style was a nut sized portion of gel worked into the barely towel dry hair and then let it finish drying with the air. Right now I'm using Taft Matte one but unfortunately, I couldn't find it anymore in Germany. So I had to get a replacement product. Decided to test the Alverde Styling Gel.

3. Icecream & Water & Fans

Well duh. With the hot weather we had around here during all of July, that one practically added itself to the list. Icecream for a little bit of insta cool with yum, water because you absolutely need to stay hydrated and a fan to get a bit of soothing cool air. Sleeping would have probably impossible without one. Yes, that's right, we have no AirCo.

4. Summer Holidays

My holidays were fantastic. Besides other plans, after the first weekend I pretty much went off the grid and it was like the best thing, way better than sliced bread, because instead of being "online" as much as I could, I actually went and made experiences and memories as much as I could.

5. Snake Belt

This belt turned up in my sisters "no longer used" clothing bag and it has become my go to belt, even tho it is a bit of a hassle closing it. I think I got a bit infatuated with it because I happened upon two live snakes within a short time frame and it was the first time ever I've seen the local ones. In all those years! If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen me with the snake belt.

6. Sisters

Much love to my two sisters S & D which unfortunately I only get to see twice a year. The Tigerseye Peace Pendant was a gift from one of them, from the other I got a perfume. And lots of swapped clothes from either. You've already seen me wearing one piece here.

7. Ikwetta Sandals

I've basically been wearing my Ikwetta Sandals when I had to put on shoes (because otherwise I just stayed barefoot) during the hot days. Another reinforcement for myself that "keep it small, keep it simple" works for me. You've seen me wearing them here.

8. Medieval Markets/Fairs

They are just so awesome, 'nough said. If you've never been to one, try to do it, especially if you have kids. I miss them so much here. You can see some pics here. And I hope one day I'll get to tell the full story of what happened this year. If I ever find a way to present it properly. The bracelet you see in the pic is something I've gotten from one some years ago.

9. Legos

Well not for me personally (I swear) but I'm just so happy that my son enjoys them and makes the most incredible, weird, abstract things with them. He's on his way to be a Master Constructor. In that regard, we/he especially like the Lego Creator Sets, but I think his secret aim is to become Lord Business. Talking of Master Constructors and Lord Business, if you've never seen "Lego the Movie" watch it. It's a great story and lots of fun. And it has Will Ferrell in it.

10. Trees

Well my last name actually is Tree, as the german word for tree is Baum. So I might have a natural affinity and feeling of kinship. Nonetheless, trees are all sorts of awesome. I just recently watch a documentary where it said that they even support each other when they stand in groups. And whilst I don't pretend that everyone needs to want to hug them, we kind of need their presence. So take care of the trees. In lieu of having my own Kindle (maybe Christmas!) I started to buy used books.

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All Lego Creator items are currently deconstructed and turned into something else entirely, so I got the Firetruck to represent. The scarf is from H&M and has a constellation pattern, I couldn't say no to that one.

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