Untold Stories - Summer Edition

It has been a very particular summer for me, one I won't forget for quite a while if ever. Here a couple more pictures. A little part of me is sad that they are so few, but the other part is glad that I just enjoyed the moments.

Watch Tower at the Celtic Village

Celtic Village

On top of the Watch Tower

Celtic Village

Magic Ring

The sign at the Orc Encampment reads "Orcs gone because a) hunting elves
b) it's too hot c) eating b) hunting Frodo"

Most of the time, I'd just buy all of the stuff they offer haha.
I'm a total sucker for these kind of accessories

Fountain at Kaiserslautern

The Forest where we took long walks

The Forest

The Forest

High Way Chapel Bell Tower

View from the St. Gotthard Mountain Pass Street

View from the St. Gotthard Mountain Pass Street

Travel Outfit - Wearing the boots from this look

Train Station at Darfo Boario Terme

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