September's Favorite Five

I know it is almost November, but here are my five favorite things from the month of September.

1. Shopping Break

September was my most recent no shopping month. I am normally doing at least two, usually January and September, because they are right after the winter and summer sales respectively. And yeah, I actually enjoy it. As much as I like getting new things, if it becomes too much, I get overwhelmed. So I use this time to assess what I have, enjoy any new entries, shop my closet and purge my wardrobe a little.

For me it is also a conscious effort to not give into mindless consumerism and feeding the ever faster fashion spiral at the cost of humans and the planet's ressources.

2. Reading

I have made the concious desicion to make more time in my life for reading. And I'm loving it. Reading is something that has always been a favorite past time of mine, but in recent years I've let it slide, in part due to other interests and goals taking precedence. Now I'm making sure to give myself at least 30mins before bed and 30mins in the morning before my son gets up to read. Chalk it up as quality me time. All I can say is that I'm really enjoying having brought some more calm and less pc & social media into my life.

One of the books I finished in September, and which I can only recommend to anyone working creatively or aspiring to work creatively, is "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield. It's a whole book of "kick in the rear", delivered in bite size chunks. Easy to read even if you only have 15mins day on the bus. And all of it is "oh so true".

3. Gabor Chelsea Ankle Booties

Oh I've been wearing these almost every day. They are super comfortable and fit like a glove. Here is a very very similar pair by Gabor. And here, here & here you can see them styled in actual Funky Jungle looks. Comfortable, versatile & stylish? Pure awesome.

What I especially love about these boots (or these almost identical ones) is the fact that they come in half sizes and with mine, they even had extra width for accomodating larger insteps. Like mine. Ever since pregnancy, I've had problems with fitting into shoes of my actual size. So maybe you can understand why I rave about these.

4. Coconut Oil

I've become obsessed with coconut oil. Whilst I wouldn't use it for all dishes, it does add a nice flavor to some recipes like fried rice pans (my other new obsession). Besides cooking, I use it as a beauty product, for both hair and skin care with or without adding essential oils. It's a bit tricky because it solidifies at fairly low temperatures and becomes more like butter, so for mixing in essential oils to make body butter/lotion/cream/whatever I have to gently warm it up in order to be able to stir it.

5. Kiko Black Eyeliner

I've bought this Kiko Definition Eyeliner in black shortly before going on holidays, but been really using it only from halfway through August onwards. It has a superfine brush tip so it draws a very thin line if wanted and I've used it to barely scrape along the upper lash line, doing just a little more than filling the gaps. It is not in your face eyeliner, but it really helps making those lashes pop out more.

The Necklace you've seen in action together with the utility dress & fringe booties

As for the other books in the picture, most of the are on my "still to be read" list:

Already read:

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